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Copy This Simple Guide For Better YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Tips For Youtube Optimization

If you are looking for a method to increase YouTube search engine optimization for your videos, the following suggestions will be helpful.

We are talking here about videos that are selling a product or have some call to action and seek to have viewers click on a link or visit a landing page.

It’s also assumed you know a bit more than the average YouTube producer and have a channel with a keyword-optimized description and have ways to easily connect your videos to the more popular social media platforms. YouTube Search Engine Optimization

The key to ranking, whether it be written content or videos, is to choose appropriate keywords. While this is the sin qua non of every SEO strategy, we are going to focus on a tried and true method for YouTube search engine optimization that generally brings the best results.

If creating videos for YouTube is part of your marketing plan, then getting interested visitors to watch and take action is the ideal result. And once you have created a video that fulfills this function, you can set it and forget it and move on to other projects.

To make your video is relevant to an audience you’ll need to find the keywords that are related to your subject matter. For a more effective strategy concentrate on phrases that contain the keywords and not just the keywords themselves.

You can find them searching Google as well as YouTube and, for added help, remember that Google provides a free method of doing this with its Keyword Planner module in Adwords.

You’ll be able to get a rough analysis of the amount of traffic these keyword combinations have attracted in the past and are likely to garner in the future.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization Evaluation

 Is the video part of well-known and highly regarded channel?

 How many views do these high ranking videos get?

 What is the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio?

 Are there comments and how recent are they?

 Do the videos in question have the keywords in the title and in the description?

By answering these questions, you can get an idea if the keywords you are exploring will have some relevance in the battle for rankings. Most importantly, evaluate your chance of doing better or, better yet, find a similar keyword strategy where the competition is negligible or non-existent.

With a ‘hit ’em where they ain’t’ strategy, you are more likely to rank higher than when going up against some long established, frequently visited competitors.

When deciding on the best keyword to make your play, be sure to add it within the title of your video. Similarly, make sure your chosen keyword(s) appear in the description and, remember, you can also add links here to a website or landing page. Lastly, with YouTube, you also have the option of adding tags to your video. Without going overboard, be sure to liberally avail yourself of these tag opportunities.

In days gone by, it was not uncommon for marketers to add every relevant keyword they could find to an article or video description. Those days are gone and keyword stuffing is frowned upon by Google and visitors alike. Keep to a few relevant keywords per video for better ranking success and offering a more professional-looking channel overall.

When you have uploaded your video and have performed the suggested YouTube search engine optimization, you can take some further steps to get more visitors.

These include embedding your videos on your website and/or Facebook Fanpage and encourage sharing on social media. Twitter is an excellent place to do this as well, especially now that videos and not just links to them are permissible. The more your video is shared on social media, the more backlinks you will receive and this will go a long way to improving rankings.

Remember, this YouTube search engine optimization will help improve your rankings. But while you don’t need to be the reincarnation of Cecil B. DeMille, your videos need provide to provide content that will be of use and to your visitors. And high rankings with no conversions or followers is not a pathway to a successful business.

If you are new to video creation you might want to check out Lumen5, Renderforest and Wave Video. All have free versions.

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