Writing Effective Emails

Writing Effective Emails

Are your writing effective emails? Is the tone too formal? Too casual? Are they difficult to read?

Keep in mind that email messages are not the same as traditional letters. In traditional business letters a certain level of formality is to be expected. No one is put off by a serious tone.

Emails are not like that. At least not the good ones. An informal, casual air is welcome and appropriate. The trick is to be informal without losing the thrust of the message and the importance of the subject matter. Writing Effective Emails

There are degrees of formality in writing effective emails. An internet marketer can be quite breezy in their correspondence and no one bats an eye. On the other hand, if you represent a law firm or financial institution you’ll want to keep a certain tone of seriousness. Being too casual here would not be desirable and could even be considered off-putting.

You will need to make adjustments according to the business or service you represent in your correspondence. Always try to keep in mind the person at the other end of the email. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader.

It’s always easier, of course, when reply to a message. The correspondent has set the tone and all you need to do is reply in kind. The right mixture is usually a professional message conveyed with a conversational style. A good rule of thumb would be to use contractions like we’ll, I’ll, you’ll, etc.

Additionally, the use of pronouns like I, we and you are preferred over it or its. Contractions and pronouns are easy to adopt and will contribute to a conversational style.

The only exception to be aware of going the pronoun route is not to overuse the pronoun I. Writing effective emails with too many of those can be difficult as you can sound too egocentric or pretentious.

If you see this in your writing style try to mix it about a bit so that your compositions are more casual and informal.

Email has changed the way the world communicates and it behooves any aspirant to mastering the craft to avoid being too pedestrian and monotonous. At the same time a casual approach is not an exemption from respectfulness and common decency.

All effective email messages usually strike a happy medium between being informative while striking a conversational tone. See if you can incorporate these elements as you develop and email writing style that’s effective as well as comfortable for you.

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