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Writing An Information Product With This Practical 6 – Step Mindset

Writing An Information Product

Many experts claim that the most successful way to build a list is by writing an information product with your own personal experience and perspective.

Most online marketers would rather have a colonoscopy than ponder the possibility of writing an information product. Sure. But hey, let’s get real. It’s easier to hire a professional copy writer to do it for you. And much of the time that’s an ideal solution. And that’s all well and good – if you can afford it.

But one simple component of writing an information product is that you’ll be quite surprised at how it helps you focus more intently on a possible customer’s reasons for buying your products. More importantly, you’ll get a clearer idea about the purpose and direction of your business, and you will get a great deal of empathy and insight about the needs of your customers and what will satisfy them.

No doubt, writing an information product can greatly magnify your perspective. The process of putting your ideas in writing (or in a video or podcast) is an ideal method to clarify your thoughts.

The very act of writing is what triggers creativity. All successful writers know that you just can’t wait for inspiration. You just have to start writing. One thought will lead to another. Soon you’ll start to make connections between ideas that have no apparent connection at all.

The result is usually a new take on your topic of choice. You’ll be amazed at what you start to develop when you make a firm commitment to begin the process. You don’t have to be Hemingway to develop your own information product nor spend a year at the Yaddoo Writer’s Colony. It’s easier than you think and very much worth the effort.

Follow these proven tactics for simplifying and speeding up the process of writing an information product…

1.) Don’t worry about spelling and grammar when you write a first draft. Just think about your readers. Content is all that matters at this stage of the writing process. You can always find a friend to proofread your information product when you finish your first draft. Never try to edit what you’ve written until you get it all down.

2.) Set a deadline and stick to it. An occasional writing project will make you more self-disciplined. When time is so valuable, setting a deadline for completing a new information product will give you a heightened appreciation for the value of every hour and every minute in the day.

3.) Focus like a laser beam. Try to complete your writing project ahead of schedule. You’ll start to develop time-management skills that spill over into everything you do as an online marketer.

4.) Get it all down before you try to correct your work. Interrupting the process of writing to check and correct things before you complete a first draft is a sure way to take the joy out of writing. As you practice the technique of “freewriting,” you’ll start to write much faster. And the faster you write, the more you’ll enjoy the process of writing.

5.) Write your first draft as fast as you can. Freewriting lets you keep up with your thought processes. The act of writing is what stimulates creativity and clear thinking. The faster you write, the more closely you’ll be able to pattern your sentences after your thoughts.

6.) Stop making excuses. We say we don’t have enough time to write; we don’t have enough skill to write; and we don’t have enough stamina and patience to write. These are just excuses for not starting.

When you put these tactics into action, you’ll start to see old topics in a new light. And you’ll become more creative—not only in your writing, but in your way of thinking and acting. When your new skills carry over to the way you work on and in your internet business—and they will—you’ll be amazed at how you constantly see new ways to innovate and improve your business system.

Most marketers will never attempt writing their own information product. To be remarkable at anything in life, you must feel the fear and do it anyway. That goes for Internet marketing as well,

Once you start writing your own information product it will be easier than you thought possible. You have the power within you to do it, if you will just believe in yourself enough to give it an honest try.

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