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Pros & Cons Of Working With An Online Marketing Coach

Working With An Online Marketing Coach

Experienced pros often recommend an online marketing coach if you can afford one. This is an ongoing debate among marketers with all levels of experience, and it usually comes down to how much experience you already have, your personality and the size of your wallet.

Finances and levels of experience are pretty much self-explanatory, but personality is a factor in making the decision as well. How well do you take direction? Are you willing to expose your ‘ignorance’ to others? Can you and do you respect authority? Do you have a need to always be right? Do you have an image of self-sufficiency that would be threatened by working with a an experienced online marketing coach?

Just as important is the perception that you can find all the information you need by searching Google or YouTube. This perception might be influenced in part by your financial situation, but it can be extremely time-consuming and the chance to fall for black hat tactics, outdated information and other forms of hucksterism is considerable.

After going my own way for a long time, I found it to be extremely useful to have ongoing coaching and motivation. After some years involved in ecommerce, I began to take a look at internet marketing as a skill that needed to be take more seriously than I had previously considered. It is useful to me to have an online marketing coach and I highly recommend it to others.

I see too many newbies getting frustrated and giving up. Flitting from one course to another is not a cardinal sin, but a lot of people are too impatient, too gullible about exorbitant promises and too quick to give up and start badmouthing the industry as a whole.

Sure, you can pick up a lot on the Warrior Forum and various Facebook groups. We all do it. But why spend months dabbling in a kind of perpetual A/B testing of what works for you and what doesn’t when you can get right to the heart of the matter and begin practicing that which has been proven to work successfully overtime.

To each his own.

But if you can afford to get the lowdown and save time and money doing it, I’d go for an online marketing coach with a training program that offers ongoing encouragement and assistance every time.

Here’s a free plus shipping book by an experienced online marketing coach that describes the possibilities in more detail…

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