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Working From Home Jobs Online: Avoid The Scams And Join The Party

Working From Home Jobs Online

Even if you’ve never previously considered checking out working from home jobs online, the current health crisis has made the idea a lot more feasible for a lot more people.

With the increasing popularity of apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and many, many others the prospect of connecting with an online employment option is not so much of an unknown alternative.

Did you know that, according to a 2019 survey, 61% of global companies allowed their staff some kind of remote working opportunities. If you are curious, you can actually check various statistics relevant to the growth of the remote working on a site like Hosting Ninja.

Of course, if you’ve been online for a while and have previously considered the possibility of working from home jobs online, you’ve probably encountered many schemes and scams that might have turned you away from a work-at-home gig entirely.

With any luck you’ve graduated from the online survey crowd and might be in the market for something a bit more substantial.

Some cynicism might be a generational mindset or simply a matter of personal experience. But its probably no secret to you that  social media sites like Facebook have a plethora of work-at-home scams just waiting for folks to take the bait.

Unfortunately, for those of us who sell information products and courses online these ads are part of the backdrop of the niche. Remember, Facebook can terminate your advertising account, but much else is fair game when it comes to posting bogus opportunities.

Yes, there is a lot of hype online. And there are a lot of folks (you might be one of them) who have been burned and are (justifiably) reluctant to spend another nickel on a marketing course or any other program that even hints at the possibility of financial security.

When all is said and down there will be a few brave souls who will attempt to traverse a combination of running one’s own online business while keeping a foot firmly in the the 9 – 5 orbit.

Even better, there are now a variety of legitimate jobs online that can eliminate a daily commute – a time-consuming enterprise for many where energy can best be expended elsewhere.

Certainly freelance sites like Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, Airtasker, etc. are options for many. Here I am merely suggesting possibilities where the income stream might be forthcoming on a more consistent basis.

Here Are A Few Working From Home Jobs Online Resources


We Work Remotely

Skip The Drive


Zip Recruiter


Rat Race Rebellion

My personal favorite is Rat Race Rebellion. And that’s primarily because it lists a number of unconventional opportunities.

For instance, they provide a list of traditional Work from Home Call Center and Customer Service Jobs as well as some more off the beaten track sectors like BabbleType or Daily Transcription, both reputable sources for transcriptionists, editors and translators.

Have a talent for the written word? You may want to give TextBroker, Writer Access, Writer’s Domain and NeedanArticle a gander. My favorite is SteadyContent. If accepted, they’ll pay you $40 for a 2,000 word article.

The list goes on. From click workers to greeting card writers to homework helpers and tutors, there surely is something available for most skill sets and salary requirements if you have an interest in working from home jobs online.

I have worked at home for many years – both as a freelancer and as an affiliate marketer. I probably don’t have to mention that there are ups and downs on either path. I usually get more of a kick from an affiliate sale, but there’s a lot to be said for a steady paycheck, particularly if you can eliminate any commuting hassles.

Happy to answer any questions about my path and aspirations and I wish you well on your journey.

By the way, for only $1 you can get a copy of John Crestani’s Working at Home: Secrets and Scams if you’re interested. Certainly can’t beat the price.

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