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Working From Home as an Affiliate Marketer: 4 Quick-Start Recommendations

Working From Home As An Affiliate Marketer

If you’re reading this you probably, at one time or another, contemplated to possibility of working from home as an affiliate marketer.

There are many attractive aspects to that kind of lifestyle. You’re not tied down to a time clock. You can learn and grow and do the work at your own pace.

Then, too, if you are serious about marketing you will be introduced to the possibility of mastering new skills. In days gone by, all you needed was a blog. Now a YouTube Channel, live broadcasts, podcasts, ever-changing SEO techniques and social media marketing are all part of the mix.

No boss looking over your shoulder. No stress. No huge investment and financial ruin if things don’t work out.

Maybe you are still actively pursuing that possibility of working from home as an affilialte marketer or are still thinking about the pluses and minuses.

Here are 4 recommendations to help you chart your course:

1. Take An Inventory Of Your Skills

Many get very excited about working from home as an affiliate marketer right from the start. They jump in without a net and get frustrated quickly and tell everyone on social media that affiliate marketing is a scam.

Be sure you know your experience level and what skills you already possess. Get an idea of where to begin and where you might need some guidance. If you can afford a freelancer many difficult tasks can be done for you. Otherwise, there are numerous free trainings on YouTube, Facebook etc. In some cases there is a paid option for more extensive assistance but, to get started, all you need to do is give up your email address.

2. Finding A Good Niche

As an experienced affiliate the question most often asked of me is ‘what is a profitable niche that I can get involved in?’

If anyone had a definite answer we’d all be millionaires by now. Personally, I concentrate on high ticket sales (see here) because the profit margin is greater and the advertising costs are the same as selling personalized coffee mugs.

Many go for a niche of personal interest. Others experiment or market something they believe will make them a lot of cash over time.

A good rule of thumb for choosing a good niche is to make sure the product will solve a problem. There are often sales funnels with these kinds of products and there are upsells that can increase your profits.

To give you a headstart take a look at this long list of possible niches that can be ideal for working from home as an affiliate marketer.

3. But Do Some Research First

Any ideas generated by a list of niches or your own brainstorming efforts should be evaluated. Search the net for possible competitors and see if you can keep pace.

Remember that one of the advantages of being an affiliate is that you do not have to create a business from scratch. In many cases, you’ll be given a landing page along with your links and, of course, setting up a Facebook page or Instagram feed should be seriously considered.

Would you buy the product you’re promoting? Would friends and family? Will you get credit from your product links and vis-a-vis the countries you are attracting visitors from (Amazon Associates). And if you do make sales will the proceeds be worth your efforts?

4. Funding Your Working From Home as an Affiliate Marketer Business

Make a list of possible expenses. Hiring freelancers is one consideration. And, certainly, some outlay for advertising is advisable. Too many newbies think they can succeed simply by pasting links all day on Facebook. Often the results are a case of bursitis and a cynical mindset.

There are other considerations if you have a family and want to make your business a full-time gig. An accountant, attorney, insurance broker, etc. Not necessary for many, but definitely something to think about if you are into affiliate marketing for the long hall.

Finally, add up your costs and decide how much you need to make in order to be profitable or at least, in the beginning, break even. Write the figure down and keep it on your desk as a reminder and a goal.

If working from home as an affiliate marketer is a serious consideration, you might also appreciate The Priceless Secret Of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing and Ingredients For Deciding On The Best Opportunities To Sell Online As An Affiliate.

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