Why Blogs Fail

Why Blogs Fail And What You Can Do About It

The reason why blogs fail to attract readers and customers is varied, but its certainly a relatively common state of affairs. According to Blogging.org there are currently 350 million active blogs and, as you might expect, the active readership on most of these is not breaking any records.

Gaining readers on the one hand and making a profit on the other do not necessarily go hand in hand and, if you are blogging about a subject you are passionate about, have a large following may not be uppermost in your mind.

But If you are looking to be successful from your blogging efforts by making money, you might want to think twice. You may be an excellent writer, have a mastery of your chosen topic and have considerable resources to promote you site, you still can come up empty in the monetization department.

Many blogging gurus cite a lack of focus as the primary reason that blogs seeking followers and sales do not succeed. Often why blogs fail is because while the bloggers themselves may have considerable knowledge, they are neglecting to target that expertise to a specific readership niche.

The blogger may have lot to say, but if they are trying to attract newcomers to their niche, for instance, their output might be too advanced for the general reader and no indication of how to learn more. On the other hand, if the blogger is trying to attract relatively knowledgeable followers, the content might be too broad or obvious and result in a quick exit with no thought of a return visit.

While many new bloggers ignore a detailed analysis of their readership they are also focusing on the wrong issues. They see the problem has not having the right sort of opt-in form or they need to change a particular product’s advertisements. Not always so and this is one reason why blogs fail. Most often one discovers that changing the deck chairs on the Titanic is not going to make a blog more profitable. Why Blogs Fail

Regardless of the sophistication of your readership or your skills for drawing them into your content, the ultimate focus of your posts is to convert a reader to a subscriber and ultimately a customer.

To put it simply, you need to entice a reader to sign-up or make a purchase. If you want to have a profitable blog the ultimate goal of your posts should include an incentive to learn more or make a purchase. And while many offer finely written blog posts with valuable information, this incentive is often lacking.

Whether you are promoting as an affiliate or as a product creator in your own right, using an incentive strategy in each of your posts can turn your blogging efforts into the profits you’ve been looking for. And while many will say a blog is not successful because they don’t get enough visitors, one should know how to keep them profit once they get there.

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