What Is Print On Demand?

What Is Print On Demand? (Expert Guide)

In this video and transcript, you will learn what is Print On Demand and how it works. It’s a useful way of self-publishing and keeping control of your products.

What Is Print On Demand?

Products such as manuscripts, books or CDs are printed or produced individually when there is a demand or order placed.

This is different from your normal publishing, as products are not produced in bulk before promotion or sales.

Print on demand publishing has become more and more prevalent especially among independent or self-publishing parties.

How Does Print On Demand Work?

It is quite simple. You only produce what is in demand. A print on demand publisher will have digital files of a product. They will only print or produce a product when it is ordered and will ship the order to the customer when it is ready. What Is Print On Demand?

Let’s illustrate an example. Let’s say you have an audio home study course on “How To Lose Weight By Eating Clean”. You already have the readily made digital files and you do not produce it physical copy straight away. You only produce the physical CD when a customer orders or demands for it, regardless of the quantity.

Why Print On Demand?

There are 5 key benefits of print on demand:

1. Make more money out of your products
When you choose to publish with commercialized publishing companies, it will drastically affect your profit margin. For instance the founder of Lulu.com, Bob Young when he wrote his own book and had it published by a world leading publishing company, only made $2,311 from the net profit of $500,000.

Self-publishing enables you to set your price and profit from your own work. It also helps you to make money and save money.

2. No up-front printing or storage costs
No physical copies are held therefore, no bulk up-front printing costs are incurred. This also saves you the storage costs to store the printed copies.

3. Your product is readily available for sale
Unlike physical copies that are produced and printed beforehand which requires some time, when you print on demand your products are ready to be sold anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is convert your digital copy to a physical copy and ship your order.

4. Changes can be made almost instantly
When you detect an error or you need to improvise your content, you can easily make changes as you are dealing with the digital copy of your product. This takes time if you are dealing with in bulk, readily printed products.

5. Gives more control and power to self-publishers as distribution process. You are also fully aware of where your money goes and the profit you make.

You have complete control of the editing, design as well as distribution

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