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Web Banner Ads As A Marketing Strategy

Web banner ads might be the way to go if you are new to advertising in general or have a limited budget.

In fact, banner advertising was the predominant promotion method in the early days of the internet. Because websites were often loaded with banners, many eventually began to see them as a spamish irritant and, many feel that web banner ads have lost their luster.

Nevertheless, today there are a variety of different sizes, colors, animation and gif options, and much better designed templates to choose from then in days gone by.

As noted, banner ads are an inexpensive and easily measured strategy to get into advertising. Indeed, while it might be most useful for the newbie, many experience marketers and corporations use them among a variety of other options. Web Banner Ads

One particularly attractive aspect of banner advertising, is that cost is relatively low on many platforms, at least in comparison to the majors like Google and Facebook. This provides an excellent chance for any site owner to get their message across without a big advertising budget.

Success with web banner ads has many factors, but the primary component is the design. As pointed out, the days of obtuse eyesore advertising is no longer a staple of internet marketing. By availing yourself of a specialty site like Bannersnack or hiring a graphic artist on Fiverr, you can have banners that are attractive, compelling, effective and give your company a professional appearance.

Some of the more well-known banner ad platforms include Epom, Bidvertiser, BuySellAds and Adversal.

Here are some components of web banner ads to include in your presentation:

Your message should be brief, easy to grasp and be rendered in a professional-looking font style.

Your text should have some call to action within the copy. Words like ‘free’ and ‘limited offer’ have proven to be effective. Try to include them or something similar in your ad copy.

Animation can be an effective component of an ad, but keep it relatively simple. A bit of animation may garner attention, but a cartoon could sent the wrong message.

Be cognizant of the sites on which your web banner ads are placed. You might want to have a compelling, but less noisy ad on, say, a news site, but you might want to ramp up the animation on a site for a gaming community.

If you have a company logo, if can be useful for building familiarity over time. Brand recognition may not have a pay-off immediately, but can be very beneficial over time.

If you can, it’s best to use web banner advertising in conjunction with other strategies. Measure you clicks and see what is effective and then incorporate what you’ve learned into other methods.

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