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Useful Facebook Advertising Alternatives

Facebook Advertising Alternatives

Finding Facebook advertising alternatives is not always easy if you’re an affiliate marketer with a limited budget.

Facebook (and Google to a degree) have very stringent guidelines and solopreneurs, in particular, can find it difficult to adhere to what some would say are rather arbitrary standards.

I mention this because the same ad you saw on Bing that brought you to my email list was just rejected by Facebook. It’s extemely hard to fathom, because the violation was labled ‘MLM.’

Of course, if you’ve read the ad and checked out the ebook you’d find that hard to believe. It was about strategies for navigating the world’s oldest digital marketing platform. Absolutely nothing to do with mult-level marketing.

I don’t know whether Facebook’s ad checkers are 20-year old contract workers from Tobago or Indonesia. But the bottom line is that they run the show.

And I’m speaking from the perspective of a work-from-home affiliate marketer and not a brick and mortar retailer. But either way, you’ll sometimes need to make a few adjustments before you’re accepted.

For instance, you can be declined for what is referred to as ‘not advertiser-friendly’ content among other subjective analyses. It can take a considerable stretch of the imagination as to why someone willing to pay for advertising would create ads that are not user friendly. But there it is.
Another factor to consider is that Facebook’s popularity can make it extremely competitive for advertisers and their rates can be among the most expensive.
The competition can be considerable and it’s not uncommon for new marketers to throw in the towel.
But keep in mind that there are many Facebook advertising alternatives that can be less competitive and, subsequently, less expensive.
Bing/Yahoo/AOL is one such source. And YouTube I have found to be less expensive than traditional Google Search.
All the major social media platforms are worth exploring and could useful. RedditTumblrQuora,PinterestInstagramTwitter, etc.
And then there are some Native Ad platforms that can serve as Facebook advertising alternatives. Site like OutbrainTaboola,Adblade and Revcontent are gaining considerable traction.

Ever notice the list of articles at the bottom of the website of many major news outlets? You can pay them to advertise the links to articles on your blog.

I haven’t invested in all these advertising platforms, but I have tried some and explored the others in depth. Here are a few that I haven’t tested but are recommended by some of my colleagues:

Additional Facebook Advertising AlternativesProductHuntMix (Formerly Stumbleupon)BuySellAdsInfoLinksPropeller AdsJoomag

Yes, can profit from these Facebook advertising alternatives, but for most it can be a scary roller coaster getting started.
Fasten your seatbelts and hang in there.

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