Types Of Online Advertising

Types Of Online Advertising For Affiliate Marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer like myself you should at least know some of the types of online advertising opportunities and some of the fundamentals of advertising even if you rely mainly on free traffic.

In any case, paid advertising can help you get more quality traffic without costing an arm and a leg. Types Of Online Advertising

Before we get started you should know a few things about banner advertising. Simply put, we are at a time in the life of the internet where banner ads often fade into the background. Call it overexposure or banner blindness but, the fact is, for many surfers banner ads rarely catch the eye. In some cases, you can even ad a plugin to your browser so that most ads are blocked out altogether.

The effectiveness of many ad types like banner advertising has diminished over time. People know they’re ads, and they are automatically ignored.

Social media websites, on the other hand, have tailored their ads to appear like regular posts. They often have barely readable tag like “Sponsored”, but they still look much like the other entries on the site the tags lose their relevance.

Under the circumstances, your best bet is to focus mainly on social media types of online advertising as opposed to other types of media opportunities. Additionally, social media ads are often more effective and more affordable for the average buyer.

If you’re more worried about branding than clicks, other types of media can still work well. But for profitability, social media almost always wins.

Let’s examine the different types of online advertising on various social networks:


LinkedIn ads are primarily good for advertising in the business and marketing arenas, but you could, if you got creative, tie other types of markets into the system profitably.

You can target by a wide variety of demographics. You can target based on education, job function, industry, job title, and more.

They offer a variety of different ad types, including display media of various types:

  • 300×250
  • 260×600
  • Text ads

They also offer LinkedIn Native Ads:

  • Spotlight Ads – Show the member profile image and allow you to link to a landing page.
  • Follow Company Ads – Lets you build your followers to your company page. People can follow your company from your ad with a single click. When they like your page, it’s also shown to their network, giving you even more potential for additional followers.

Native Ads are available on two sizes (400×350 and 260×600) and are sold as CPM (cost per mille, or thousand), meaning you pay for the people who view your ad, NOT for clicks or results.

You can buy Sponsored InMail, so you can send emails directly to LinkedIn members.

You’ll supply them with a subject header, text for the email, a call-to-action button, your choice of a 300×250 or 300×600 ad, and additional widgets, as desired.

This type of ad is available on its own, or you can buy it as part of a larger marketing purchase. You pay per recipient.

Sponsored Updates will let you reach people with links, images, videos, presentations and other types of media.

You can buy these ads on a fully managed basis, or you can sponsor your own updates through the ad system. You can bid on a CPC or CPM basis.

Standard ads are available on a CPC basis. You can buy them straight through your LinkedIn account, and you can run multiple accounts.

You can learn more about LinkedIn Ads here:


Facebook currently has three ad placements. By default, any ad you purchase is shown in all three, but you can choose specific placements if you prefer.

  • News Feed – Ads show up in the desktop news feed on computers. Ads appear very similar to standard posts, so
  • Right Hand Column (RHC) – Ads show up on the right side of a user’s News Feed in a column that contains ads and other features.
  • Mobile News Feed – Ads show up in the News Feed for mobile users, such as those using phones and tablets.

There are many different ad types to choose from. You can promote your website, get people to like, comment and share a post, build up your fan page with more likes, promote a mobile app, and other types.

You can find out more information about the specific ad types on Facebook here:

One of the best things about the Facebook ad system is their wide variety of targeting options. You can target by geo location, demographics (age, gender, education, and others), interests (hobbies, interests, pages liked, etc.), behaviors (using certain operating systems, for example), connections (reach friends of your fans, for example), and even custom audiences to retarget your own customers.

The secret to getting a good price for Facebook ads is to get the best possible CTR. The higher your click through rate, the lower your CPC.


Pinterest ads are called Promoted Pins. That’s exactly what they are. They’re just like standard pins, only they’re shown to a large audience on a CPC basis. Other people can pin these ads and like these ads, thus increasing your reach without additional cost.

Promoted Pins are in their infancy at the moment, so there aren’t a lot of metrics available to judge the effectiveness, but they’re definitely promising. Pinterest is widely known for having an audience of buyers.

Learn more about Promoted Pins here:

No doubt you know about Google AdWords. Please note that there are other types of online advertising for CPC ads. .
Here are some other CPC networks to try:





Keep in mind that you can also buy ads directly on websites. A number of high traffic websites have a media kit you can download that explains their demographics, traffic levels, and the cost Online Advertisingfor various ad positions. If they don’t, you can usually find a contact form on their website to inquire about advertising rates.

The biggest benefit of buying ads directly on websites is the ability to be certain you’re reaching your target market. You can advertise on sites that perfectly match your demographic and are perhaps even your direct competitors, thus ensuring you get the type of traffic you need.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the inability to tailor ads on the fly. You won’t usually get instantly updated stats, meaning you can’t see how well your ad is performing based on impressions, so you have no idea what your CTR might be until it’s too late to change anything.

When you find a site that works for you, there’s a good chance you can negotiate a lower monthly fee for your ad by purchasing multiple months in advance. This will help keep costs down and you’ll continue to get the traffic you’ve already seen converts well for you.

There are ad networks you can use to reach various websites, including:




The types of online advertising available on social media platforms are here to stay and they are very popular with affiliates and other internet marketers. It’s something that can be done with a small investment, and you can see your results immediately in most instances. If necessary, you can regulate your bidding on ads on the fly or alter the demographics to decrease your cost per clicks ratio.

If you have the right product or service, all types of online advertising can be of benefit, but for quick results for less investment, social ads are probably the safest bet.

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