Twitter As A Marketing Tool

Twitter As A Marketing Tool For Those On A Budget

If you’re an internet marketer and don’t use Twitter as a marketing tool, you’re missing out on ideal, inexpensive source for growing your business. If you have an account devoted to family and friends it’s as easy as pie to add an additional account for business purposes. Simply put, with all the various social media platforms vying for your attention and input, you can be sure that Twitter will be thriving for many years to come.

Twitter continues to grow as business platform. Yes, there is an opportunity to invest in paid advertising here, but that’s only one way of drawing attention to your business. With the search tool you can find an array of possible followers who have some interest in what you are promoting. Simply add a phrase like ‘internet marketing’ in the search box and countless related Twitter accounts will be listed. More, you can break the list down by other factors like location, language and hashtag specifics. If you are selling a product or service, you can find people who might be interested by using the same methods. Twitter As A Marketing Tool

Use your tweets to gather followers, exchange ideas and engage when possible with new contacts. Ask for feedback when you are testing some new ideas and be sure to respond to the requests of others. If your Tweets have some resonance, others on Twitter will add a ‘like’ to the tweet and, in some cases, your 140 character message will be re-tweeted. When you like a tweet, be sure to do the same.

Keep in mind that Twitter no longer counts images as a contributing factor to the character limit, so be sure to add an image where possible. Tweets with images get more attention on Twitter by a 2-1 margin.

As mentioned, you can experiment with paid advertising on Twitter and many do. But there’s also a way to promote your business with a softer sell approach that is one of the best reasons that you can use Twitter as a marketing tool. Many post hard-sell tweets up and down the platform. Not only is this an irritant, Twitter may regard it as spam.

As any marketing guru will assure you nowadays, one way to attract and keep customers is to offer value above, beyond and within your product assortment. Pin your tweet about your best-selling product to the top of your feed, but continue to add links to posts and videos that offer helpful information and address the needs and concerns of potential customers. Educate, advise and assist. This soft sell approach will go a long way in giving you credibility and trust.

Unless you decide to invest in advertising, Twitter will not cost you a penny. The most fruitful way of using Twitter as a marketing tool is to think about adding a steady stream of helpful Tweets and use a social media planning tool like PostPlanner to schedule them. Additionally, a tool like UnfollowSpy is a great tool for managing new followers and building lists.

There’s much more to Twitter than I have space for here. For a more in-depth examination, take a look at my video series and additional posts located here… 

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