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Get Surprising Results With Tumblr For Social Media Marketing

Tumblr For Social Media Marketing

In the age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it’s not uncommon for new marketers to be in the dark when it comes to the value of using Tumblr for social media marketing.

Though often neglected, Tumblr is also a popular social networking platform where members can post or add images and short videos to a blog that can either be public or personal and private.

While you can’t argue with the fact that sites like Twitter and Facebook are growing in popularity every day, smaller social networking platforms like the Tumblr site are also building a large following with a very active and thriving membership.

As of this writing, the Tumblr site has over 100,000,000 blogs with over 50,000,000,000 posts. As a marketer and a content provider, you’d be limiting your reach significantly by not taking advantage of Tumblr for social media marketing and reaping some of the benefits of establishing a presence.

While the Tumblr site was created in 2007 (and sold to Yahoo in 2013 and purchased by Automattic in 2019) it still attracts a young, technically knowledgeable membership and this is an attractive potential audience for many marketers. These are the folks who are not shy about sharing content and will help you to expand your brand across other social media platforms.

Tumblr has easy editing tools and it thrives on images. Consequently, the ease of use when working on the site, as well as the visual impact, can go a long way in attracting followers as well as potential customers.
As you gather followers on the Tumblr site, each of your posts is automatically shown on the dashboard of each member that follows you. Most importantly, whether you post an image or a blog post, you can add a link back to your sales funnel.

You’ll be able to add photos, audio, text and video on Tumblr with ease. There’s even an opportunity to chat if you are so inclined.

Struggling to get noticed on Facebook and Twitter? If you are a serious marketer, but aren’t yet a member, you should seriously consider Tumblr for social media marketing.

The new owner of Tumblr – Automattic – is also the creator of WordPress. If they see its potential, maybe you should too.

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