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TikTok for Business: The Perfect Way to Reach a Younger Audience

TikTok for Business

Incorporating TikTok for business growth is one of the strategies you can use to raise branding awareness in today’s ever-evolving digital age, and age just might be the key to your marketing success.

Since 2020,TikTok has 800 million active users on its platform, with 42% of those users ranging from ages between 16 and 24.

With an entertainment platform such as this bringing together such an extensive range of potential customers, it is no wonder why so many businesses are taking advantage of that exposure with TikTok advertising. 

What Makes TikTok So Popular

TikTok is a social media platform that allows people to create, share, and discover short videos that promote entertainment and self-expression. What makes this app so unique and special is because first, it is the only successful international Chinese social network that encapsulated the Western world. The app soared from the usage of trending hashtags, challenges, and being an outlet for people to enjoy the growing TikTok community. 

This loyalty and trust within the app can make TikTok for business an extremely powerful and reliable promotional tool. It is a central place to advertise with TikTok ads and leverage the ability to reach so many new people to create brand awareness and foster growth. 

Benefits of Using TikTok For Business 

The content rules for TikTok are easily followed. Your video contribution can be up to 15 seconds long, though creators may add multiple clips to the mix with a limit at one minute long. However, there is no particular restriction on videos created elsewhere. A video ad you may have developed for Facebook, say, can also be posted on TikTok.

There are many benefits that come with using TikTok for business advertising. For instance, setting an ad up is not only fun to do, but it can genuinely drive engagement, primarily if you utilize TikTok challenges to drive organic traffic.

Challenges on TikTok can take various forms. But dances seem to get the most attention. Creativity is highly valued here and a business with a talented content staff can have an impact.

You could do a #challenge to showcase your product or service, and can even have a winning prize for the best contender to attract more people to opt-in, potentially making the challenge go viral. The best part about doing challenges is the entire process is a free one. Other notable benefits that help TikTok for business include: 

  • Infeed native content, meaning your ads will be able to support multiple features, such as website clicks or app downloads effortlessly for your viewers. There is also a diverse range of paid ad placements as well, so you can choose how you want your ad to show up when users are scrolling to make the most positive impacts.
  • You can take advantage of the TikTok brand takeovers, where your branded ad will take over TikTok’s entire page for a few seconds before allowing the user to proceed with browsing or uploading their own content. This can be an ad that contains created images, videos, or GIFs with embedded links that will guide those interested to your land page(s). This tactic, when targeting the right demographics, is highly ranked to increase website traffic and enhance conversion rates. 
  • Extremely popular among the younger population, face filters are a fun way to really transform a video or photo, and you can get in on that as well with TikTok’s branded lenses feature. This process is very similar to the AR lenses that you see on Snapchat and Instagram. With TikTok lenses, you can add face filters and 3D objects that can ignite a deeper level of user engagement. Depending on the lenses you come up with, it can become quite popular and boost your branding message. 

TikTok for Business Might Not Be For Everyone

Though as leading and beneficial as TikTok is for advertising your business, it is not made for everyone. For example, if your targeted audience is directed towards the Boomer generation, a TikTok for business strategy might not provide you the results you were hoping for. For some more insight, here is the TikTok age breakdown in 2020 so far: 

  • 13-17: 27% 
  • 18-24: 42% 
  • 25-34: 16% 
  • 35-44: 8% 
  • 45-54: 3% 
  • 55+: 4% 

With this information, businesses with a customer base in the younger population would likely have a better advertising outcome since the app caters to that group more. It is not to say that you cannot advertise your business regardless, but be realistic about what you will get out of it in the long run. 

TikTok For Business: Final Thoughts

TikTok for advertising your business is a sure-fire way to get noticed, gain the potential for more sales, and establish more long-term, loyal customers. Not to mention, it can be quite fun to do as well while connecting with your potential customers. Though it may be ideal for certain businesses over others, it is still a great platform to check out and see if it is worth investing in.

Overall, this marketing strategy is simple to set up, can reach the demographics that you want it to, and drive in more branding awareness, which every business owner knows is the key to success. 

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