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Basic Ingredients for Starting A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube Channel

As video continues to dominate online activities, more people are becoming interested in starting a YouTube channel. This is a an enjoyable hobby for many and a profitable business opportunity for millions more.

From a business advertising perspective it’s hard to ignore YouTube. 95% of the global internet population watches YouTube and, according to the Omnicore Agency, there are 5 billion videos watched each day.

Along with benefits such as earning a substantial income, getting endorsements from companies and building a subscriber list, it is not surprising to see an increase in small business involvement, particularly the growing number of young individuals and millennials who are interested in starting a YouTube channel.  

If you are considering becoming a marketer with your own products or are an affiliate for others, you would do well to think about developing content for YouTube that attracts likes and views and gains followers. Indeed, if you’re reading this post it might be time to take the leap.

That said, here are some useful tips to make sure that your entry into content creation and vlogging is a fun and fulfilling experience. 

Content For Starting a YouTube Channel

You might have thought about the type of content you want to show on your own channel. Providing consistent, entertaining and interesting content is the best way to boost your views and increase your followers. People crave content that resonates with them and are more likely to click on videos and watch until the end if they can relate. 

It is also a good idea to have an ongoing theme that distinguishes your brand and/or a style to convey your message. For instance, several YouTubers stick to particular topics and niches such as fashion, tutorials, tech, product reviews and food.

And the information you convey can be related in a serious friendly, funny or a ‘wild and crazy guy’ manner among other personas . Viewers typically become attached to their favorite YouTubers’ lifestyles and personalities, which is why it is strategic to produce engaging material that meets their expectations.  

It might become more difficult to come up with new, exciting content after recording the first few videos. The good news is that even experienced YouTubers find it challenging to create fresh content from time to time. You can be inspired in different ways, including watching other videos and picking up ideas or taking an occasional break to recharge your creativity. 

Vlogging Equipment  

Starting a YouTube channel requires suitable equipment for recordings. While you have the option of recording videos with a smartphone, investing in more hi-tech equipment is advisable as time goes on. Several YouTubers opt for DSLRs as well as videography accessories such as studio lighting, lenses and tripods. An action camera is a good choice for vlogging or recording when you want to move around.  

It is important to note that a great camera is not enough if you do not take care of other aspects like lighting and sound. Viewers may end up clicking off within seconds and unsubscribing if your videos are inaudible or unclear.  

Mounting a quality microphone on your camera and checking the clarity of your audio are some of the steps you can take to ensure your viewers enjoy your videos. Depending on the type of material you want to deliver, you may invest in a variety of microphones, especially if you plan to shoot videos when you are not next to the camera.  

You can check out equipment for specifically for YouTube here…

Identify. Don’t Compare

There will always be channels that have more subscribers or more skills than you. Instead of comparing yourself to other people and doubting your potential, use these channels for motivation and focus on your channel’s development. All channels begin with no audience, zero views and no subscribers, including those that currently have millions of followers. 

All YouTubers started as beginners. Keep going. You share the same goals.

As long as you enjoy your ideas and are committed to growing your channel, viewers will notice how genuine you are about your content and this will boost their interest. Starting a YouTube channel involves taking every chance to improve and explore different areas like presentation, editing and filming techniques.  

Choosing the Best Camera Angles

It is also essential to focus on producing useful content and getting rid of anything that does not help to improve your videos. This consists of deleting unnecessary material and choosing meaningful clips.

Stick to the best shots that will keep your viewers glued to their screens and interested in watching the whole video. Watch the competitors you are partial to. After gaining more followers, you may be able to take the risk of including random shots but you should always prioritize the viewer’s needs and create content they want to watch .

Keeping it Simple

Recording videos for your channel does not mean you require complex editing software nor does it mean you must appear on camera. Additionally, spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to use the software when you are still a newbie will not make your content better.

During the first stages of your YouTube career you can use video creation platforms such as Lumen5 that can be downloaded for free and are easier to use. By the way, you can link Lumen to your blog and they will automatically prepare a script for you to develop a video. See some of my videos here as a way for starting a YouTube channel  

Optimizing for the Search Engines

Starting a YouTube channel is pointless if your videos are not visible. Optimizing your content is an effective way to get it ranked on the platform as well as on Google Search.

Give your first video a title that viewers usually type into search bars and ensure it includes your main key phrase or keyword. A descriptive title explains what the video is about- for example, “Couple’s Jamaica Vacation Vlog 2020”. 

Writing a description is useful for letting the viewers know what they should expect. There is a description box under the video that gives you lots of room to talk about the video while using different keywords, synonyms and target key phrases. You can even add a link to your website and/or affiliate products. Free tools like VideoIQ and Tubebuddy can help you with this.

Networking and Sharing

YouTube is not generally regarded as a social networking site but it gives people a great way to build worthwhile networks. It opens doors for collaborations, sharing and making connections with various users. This is important within this type of online community because creators often rely on networking to grow their channels, attract new subscribers and boost their exposure.

Contact different creators and YouTubers to talk about working together. This can be scary the first time you try to reach out but you will not know the outcome if you do not ask.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

On social media people say anything they want without worrying about the consequences since they usually hide behind anonymous profiles. Starting a YouTube channel and sharing videos with people around the world means you should expect all sorts of comments.

An online presence exposes you to a large audience and basically allows strangers into your life. While this can be intimidating, you should not let any negative reactions affect you. Focus on creating content that you are happy about and acknowledge positive feedback from viewers. Constructive criticism is fine but trolling and insults should be ignored.  

Interacting with Viewers

As time goes on your followers will start to increase along with more comments from viewers about your videos. Make an effort to interact with your viewers as much as you can. Since your social media accounts are valuable components of being successful on YouTube, it is a good idea to share some glimpses of your life through platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. It is also essential to try and respond to messages and comments.  

These connections are valuable because they give your subscribers a chance to know you better. Aside from enjoying your content, they need to be able to connect with you on a personal level. Interactions can also motivate you to keep going forward with your channel and give you new ideas for content.  

Starting a YouTube Channel With Consistency

Uploading videos consistently is another important aspect of being on YouTube. Even if you are not completely confident about the quality of your videos, sharing them regularly helps to solidify your viewer base.

Some YouTubers set up schedules that require them to post a certain number of times, for instance, three days a week. This makes it possible for viewers to know when to expect a new video.  

A schedule is great for getting more views, especially from active followers who will keep up with your timelines. After determining how often you want to upload, sticking to your schedule will give you a goal to aspire to, help you improve your content and attract more attention online.  

Dealing With Fear of the Camera 

If you are not ready to show your face or be seen in your videos, you do not have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

You can start with recording your screen or focusing the camera on your hands, for example. With time your confidence will start to grow and as you prepare to appear on camera, it is important to practice as much as you can.

This may consist of memorizing your lines or doing different takes to minimize mistakes or leaving out important information.  

Practice setting up your camera frequently and hit the record button for some relaxed sessions. Having fun with the process will eventually make it less scary and you will start to feel much more at ease in front of the lens. 

Several takes may make it easier to record videos. There are times when the words do not flow the first time and you might need to try again. Various errors can be covered up with editing once you become more familiar with how to create videos.

Taking deep breaths and using resources such as Camtasia, Loom or ScreenFlow (for Mac) are other effective ways to improve your performance and enhance your recording skills. Adopt the habit of speaking to the camera like you are having a conversation with one person. This helps you eliminate the fear of several people watching your videos.

This short video will walk you through the channel set-up process:

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