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Social Share Buttons Plugin Review

Is there any WordPress blog left on the planet that doesn’t have a social share buttons plugin to encourage readers to share their content?

Well, not many. And there are a plethora of these plugins to be found on the net that will facilitate the sharing of your content.

Like all the plugins you can find, some are better than others. Better functionality, better designs and better design options as well as better pricing for the premium version.

One standout is the Social Sharing Buttons Plugin from Supsystic. The options available in the free version alone are enough to satisfy the most demanding user. Social Share Buttons

After downloading and installing this plugin to your blog you can begin to develop a new ‘project.’ If you want to show social buttons in the different places on your blog you will need to create more than one project. As an example, you’d create on project for social share buttons on your content pages and another for buttons on the sidebar.

You have the option of showing your buttons only on pages or just on the content posts or throughout your entire blog as so desired. Similarly, you can determine which social networks you wish to appear and on which part of the blog, adding or varying the networks as you wish.

It is in the design section that Supsystic’s Social Sharing Buttons Plugin really begins to impress.

Here you can choose from several button or icon designs to add to each project. There is a larger design selection in Supsystic’s Pro version if you are so inclined.

After selecting the Social Networks you wish to include, you can determine the buttons’ parameters by selecting the size and spacing between each button. You also have the option of adding a counter to display the number of times a post was shared at a particular network.

Additionally, you can add some animation to your buttons and icons. Among several options, you can have them swing, shake or wobble at the touch of a mouse. It’s an optional feature, but it can take your social share buttons to a new level if you wish to experiment.

Lastly, there is a statics page that measures view as well as shares for each page of your content and for each social network with which you have a connection. This is a handy feature as all your social sharing data is located and can be analyzed in one place.

All in all, Supsystic’s Social Sharing Buttons Plugin is worth a look. It’s a classy social share template that’s sure to impress.

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