Social Media Antisocial Business Behavior

Social Media Antisocial Business Behavior

There are numerous courses on how to promote a business on social media. But before diving in headfirst, the first lesson to be learned is how to avoid social media antisocial business behavior.

What follows is some advice on what behavior should be avoided. Not adhering to basic social media etiquette could severely hamper your business before you barely get started.

Posting Continuously. Make sure you actually have something to say before you post. Social Media Antisocial Business Behavior

Spamming. This is probably the most egregious social media antisocial business behavior. Adding an affiliate link from time to time is good business, but most of the time you should be adding value and building trust with quality posts and engaging conversation.

Poor Spacing. Not spacing your posts intelligently is annoying to followers. Sending 10 posts every 10 minutes is more than spamming – it’s stupid.

Claptrap Comments. If your primary mode of conversing is posting a lot of ‘LOLs or GRRRRRs, you should probably up your game. As a marketing professional, you’ll want to post comments that mean more than the equivalent of an online grunt. If conversation is not your thing, hire a Fiverr freelancer.

It’s All About Me. An occasional family photo can go a long way in humanizing you. But if you’re online to promote a business an endless stream of personal snapshots can become tiresome. The vast majority of your posts should be value-oriented and business-related.

Boring Comments. Okay, your comments have gone beyond the monosyllabic utterances of a wuss. Still, it’s even better if you can add some zest to your remarks. See if you can go beyond ‘ditto’ and ‘likewise’ and add some insight, humor appreciation.

Bad Information. This could be the most egregious form of social media antisocial behavior. You will want to have credibility as a business owner. It may be more difficult to accomplish in the age of fake news, but try not to post anything that is not factual. We are basically talking about business news here, but check your facts if you’re not absolutely positive.

Proper Accreditation. Similarly, not giving credit where credit is due or citing incorrect or false sources is a no-no. Once again, your credibility is important.

Snarky Comments. No one appreciates a jerk. You can disagree with others, of course, but try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum. You can delete an unfortunate remark, but that doesn’t mean if will be forgotten. Yes, there are some very successful marketers online who have built there reputation on snarkiness. But these social media antisocial gurus can afford it.

Political Neutrality. Nothing necessarily wrong with strong opinions, but expressing them within your business social media posts isn’t a particularly good mix. You could gain some followers, but lose others. Plus, there’s nothing particularly helpful about getting involved in heated political debates.

Posting URLS. Unless we are talking about paid ads, Facebook, for one, isn’t particularly fond of people posting links – especially affiliate links. These take people off of the platform and on to other locations in cyberspace. If you do post a link, try to keep it short. A URL shortener like Bitly can be helpful.

You’re welcome to share your own ideas about social media antisocial business behavior. You never know who might benefit – including me.

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