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SEO Checklist For Newbie Websites And Blogs

SEO Checklist

This SEO checklist for new websites is meant to be a get up and running paradigm for what it takes to get respectable rankings in the search engines. As some of these pointers suggest, search engine optimization is an art as much as a science and skill you should refine and adjust as circumstances indicate.

Choosing Your Keywords With Care

Begin by selecting keywords that describe in some way aspects of your topic or niche.

It is generally agreed that the keywords you choose should have little competition associated with them. It can be extremely hard to get a high ranking with a word or phrase that has that has 10k searches per month.

These keywords are often referred to as long tail keywords. They usually consist of 3 or 4 words that are considerably more specific than a single word or two.

Be sure to have your keywords included in the title and description of your piece as well as the image tags. Seo Checklist For New Websites

You can get suggestions for your keywords from service like Google Adwords or Bing Ads. These resources are free to use.

Don’t spam your keywords excessively. Three or 4 times per page should be sufficient. Similarly, while black hat techniques can be tempting, they will more likely be a detriment over the long haul.

Content Quality Is Often The Final Arbiter Of Where You’ll Rank

No SEO checklist for new websites would be complete without emphasizing that you can master the above suggestions and still not rank on the first page of a search platform. That’s because the search engine algorithms also consider the quality of the content. There is no absolute recipe for this, but the age, popularity and length of your content should not be ignored. Bottom line is that if you build quality to content, visitors will come.

To maintain rankings in good standing you should be adding new content with some consistency.

If you use WordPress, plugins like Yoast, RankMath and SEO All In One Pack can be very helpful for keeping you on the straight and narrow. Follow their guidelines and you” have jump on any competition that might be simply winging it.

A Linking Strategy Must Be On Every SEO Checklist For New Websites

Bottom line for linking strategy: You want high-ranking websites to link back to your site.

The more popular the website that links to you, the more ‘link juice’ you’ll get for a higher ranking for you own site.

Your task, should you accept it, is to look for these high-ranking sites and see if you can arrange a link exchange. If you’re squeamish, a tool like SEOprofiler can help you with this.

Keep up to date on the latest information that concern the search engines. Visit sites like Search Engine Journal on a regular basis or sign up for their newsletter. Pay attention to the rules set forth by search engines and directories, especially the webmaster guidelines published by Google.

Lastly, while it may not qualify as part of an SEO checklist for new websites, you’ll want to understand that ranking well can take some time. While creating quality content and finding linking opportunities involves most of the work, the old saw that ‘patience is a virtue’ certainly applies when building a site that will rank on page one.

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