Selling Products With Facebook Ads

Selling Products With Facebook Ads

Selling products with Facebook ads is an extremely useful expertise that will enable you to show compelling ads to a targeted audience. Within the bounds of Facebook’s terms of service, you can sell almost any product and create a successful brand.

Keep in mind, however, that there’s another skill that is required to become successful selling products with Facebook ads: Finding a good product.

No matter how good the advertising platform, you’ll need to find a product that will spark interest and sales. If you are not finding success on Facebook, the question to ask is this a product that has strong appeal. Selling Products With Facebook Ads

One tried and true method of selling products with Facebook ads is as a reseller. With this method you are buying products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail on Facebook. To test the waters, many marketers begin by purchasing small quantities of a products and build an inventory over time if the product draws in a substantial number of buyers. By reinvesting a portion of the profits you can begin to build a self-sustaining profitable business. You can also think about creating your own product, but this is a venture beyond the scope of this article.

A similar and perhaps less risky business model is to do some dropshipping. By storing products, taking care of shipping and risking money with a wholesaler you can lose your investment, albeit a small sum if you are taking the process step by step.

With dropshipping you have the manufacturer or dropship platform take care of all the shipping and warehousing. Most importantly, there’s usually no upfront investment in the product and you only buy when you have made a sale. Again, you pay the dropshipper the wholesale cost while charging your customer a retail price. Here, all that’s required is for you to send the orders to your dropshipper for packaging and shipping.

There’s also the tried and true method of affiliate marketing. The process here is similar to working with a dropshipper, the only difference being is that you are receiving a commission rather than markup profits.

If you choose to do this for a digital products such as ebooks, podcasts or training videos, its recommended that you use a sales platform like ClickBank. With some of these digital good you can earn over 75%. There’s also more conventional affiliate platforms like Amazon or ShareASale, though your commissions here will be relatively small.

Lastly, selling products with Facebook ads can set you back a fair sum, especially if you do some A/B testing to determine the best direction to go in. Consequently, many sellers begin their marketing efforts by testing out their products on Ebay. On this platform it usually costs .30 to list a product for a month or more. Monitor the number of visitors and sales and you’ll have a good idea as to the practicality of selling products with Facebook ads.

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