Sell Digital Products On Amazon

Sell Digital Products On Amazon

If you’ve written an ebook or developed an online educational course, there is the potential for thousands of customers when you also sell digital products on Amazon. If you have your material ready, all you need to do is join the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, usually referred to as KDP. There is also the option of developing your content on CreateSpace, an Amazon publishing subsidiary.
Facebook is nice, but to sell digital products on Amazon also has many attractive demographic benefits: It’s the 5
th most visited website in the U.S. with a large customer base of people making at least $60,000 per year.

Your product, once accepted, will be accessible to anyone with a Kindle device or app. The app is available for Mac and PC as well as android and iOS.

If your material is original content you will have no problems being accepted to sell digital products on the KDP platform. No PLR, however and no material you are giving away for free elsewhere on the net, with the exception of Amazon itself. Common topics by those on the KDP platform include how-to ebooks, cookbooks, online courses and an array of fiction of poetry.

When you sell an item Amazon, of course, will take a cut. If you are selling a product between $2.99 and $9.99 you will earn 70% of every sale. If the product is selling between $0.99 and $2.98 you receive a 35% remuneration. Sell Digital Products On Amazon

When you submit your digital product to the Amazon editors it is reviewed and its status is usually determined within 48 hours. Upon acceptance your work will appear on the KDP platform almost immediately.

To begin, you can create your free KDP here…

You also my want to consider creating a bio. Adding a bio page will help you create more credibility with potential customers and it can help you build a following with those that have already purchased your material. You can add posts from time to time, recommend the work of others and generally cultivate relationships with people who are interested in what you have to say.

You can create a bio and add additional information at Amazon’s Author Central...

Aside from Amazon, you should also know that you can sell digital products on other platforms like Kobo, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble.

Publishing your own digital products can go a long way in improving your income and increasing your visibility among interested readers.

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