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Public Domain Resources For Creating Products

Public domain resources can be found everywhere on the internet and anyone can use these valuable text, music, image, audio and film materials to create their own products without spending a fortune on research and outsourcing.

The definition of ‘public domain’ refers in general to artistic or creative works that aren’t under the aegis of intellectual property laws such as patents, copyrights or trademarks. In essence, the material is owned by the public at large.

In many instances, these works are U.S. Government property or were created more than a century ago by artists who are long dead or material that is free to use because it was released to the public with no license restrictions. Creative Commons, for instance, is a good place to find images that you are free and available to all.

If you are interested in creating your own digital information product these public domain resources can be a godsend. The amount of information is considerable and free for the taking and absolutely devoid of any plagiarism issues. Public Domain Resources

One of the most famous examples is Walt Disney Production’s animated film of Snow White. It was based on a public domain German fairly tale written the Brothers Grimm. The movie made 7 million dollars in it’s first year of release. 

While, of course, the likelihood of you making that kind of money is slim, there are many possibilities that should not be ignored. While some material is certainly dated, there is enough current and general information on many topics that can be incorporated into your project.

Whatever your interest or hobby, there are many public domain resources to build a foundation for your product. In most of these instances, what begins as an ebook can be leveraged into and email course, a video for your YouTube channel or a podcast that can be added to your website.

Diet, travel, astrology, knitting, cooking, pets, marketing, etc. are all topics that will find a large audience. You can, of course, give away your product for free in exchange for an email sign-up or you can offer the material to many of the private label rights websites for sale.

You do not need any special talents to incorporate, modify or re-purpose the material you can find in the stacks of the many public domain resources and libraries that are available to you.

Do an online search and add ‘public domain’ to your query, or check our some of the most substantial public domain sites like Public Domain Review or Project Guttenberg.

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