Public Domain Material

Public Domain Material You Can Profit From

Profiting from public domain material is a profitable strategy that is not on every marketer’s radar screen. That’s unfortunate because, while even a child can’t do it, a teenager certainly can. More importantly, it can take you from being an affiliate who promotes other people’s products, to becoming a product producer who makes %100 of the sale.

If you are an affiliate marketer then you are certainly aware that much of what you promote provides a solution to a problem, whether it be how to get more traffic to a website or how to plant a rose garden. If you can provide your website visitors or mailing list recipients a solution they are looking for, then you are likely to make a fair number of sales.

Do you have a hobby or a particular affinity for a particular niche? Creating an ebook based on your own experience with a little added assistance from Wikipedia is not a very far-fetched possibility. Even if your life experience is limited to cooking for your family there is an abundance of recipe ebooks with contents culled from public domain information (check out Delicious Soup Recipes or The Appetizer Collection ) You don’t need to pay for this information nor be wary of copyright laws. This information is free for the taking and much of it is available by copying and pasting material that’s available online. Public Domain Material

Now there are many subjects covered in Private Label Rights (PLR) material and they can be purchased by becoming a member or buying the material individually at several online providers. While these can become a valuable resource for an affiliate marketer or an Ebook Store Owner, you don’t have complete control of the material and you are usually dealing with information that no longer unique and can often be found for a pittance on Google Books or Amazon.

To make a substantial profit from public domain material you should be adding something to the plethora of online material that is not awash all over the internet. This requires some creativity and research, but it can be worth the effort. The recipe niche is a good example. Find clam recipes or sausage recipes, for instance, or find a particular dog breed and compile all the information you can find into a nice, fat ‘Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About…” ebook.

Lastly, if you don’t want to compile the public domain material yourself, the work can be assigned to a professional copywriter. A good writer will not come cheap, but the rewards can be considerable with the right subject.

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