Prophets And Profits

Prophets And Profits

Are you a marketer with your own product or an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products?

If you are an affiliate marketer your biggest problem will be making a profit. Despite what your favorite guru says, all the ‘successful’ strategies in the world will still keep you treading water if you are only making $10 per sale.

If you are promoting your own product creation then, in addition to other talents you might have, you will need to find some strategies that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Prophets And Profits
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This will be true especially in a very competitive market where your advertising needs to be first-rate and your budget will undoubtedly need to be large.

Still, as many a marketing prophet has pointed out, if you are willing to hang in there, gain experience, learn from your mistakes and remain fiscally responsible, you can make a good income over time. 

All those guru stories of catching lightening while staring down into the abyss can be inspiring, but much of these tales occurred in a bygone era when there was no Facebook nor YouTube and email was the preferred marketing method.

If you can overcome frustration and continue to learn and improve you will be successful. 

Affiliate Marketing Is A Competitive Business

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