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Press Release Marketing For Your Online Business

There are thousands of press releases everyday, so if you decide to engage in press release marketing what will help yours standout from the crowd? Here are some ideas…

Headlines are a major factor. Headlines are the hooks that encourage readers to look deeper into the subject. The more readers the more likely you are to receive more leads and/or customers. A compelling subhead can also be effective and could bolster your readership. Solving problem headlines, provocative headlines and notification of new launches are some of the mainstays of good headline subjects. Reading the article Writing Email Subject Lines That Work will give you a good start.

Another useful tip for press release marketing is to think like a journalist. Before you even begin writing decide what will make your topic interesting and newsworthy. Will anyone care about what you have to say? Who do you want to reach and what action do you want them to take? Be thorough in presenting information that will highlight the unique aspects of your business. To get ideas of what is effective and what is not, take a look at your favorite news feed or any online news site to get an idea of what is being published.

Another helpful suggestion is to keep your style as short and simple as possible and try to get to the point at the beginning of your piece. Your press release should be one page in length, with option of two if absolutely necessary. If the article is too long readers will begin to move on. Press Release marketing

You might also want to use quotes fairly often if they are available to you. A good strategy for press release marketing to is give your information a human touch and good quotes eliminate a sense of robotic recitation that cause apathy. Good quotes can break up the story into manageable bites and create a story rather than a list of facts. A story style can make bland information palatable. Its’ a good idea to get quotes from one of the principals in your company or the manager in charge if it is a new product launch.

After completing your piece, the next step in press release marketing is to submit it to the right target audience. Most often this can be a press release site that distributes press releases to reporters and publishers who may very well pick up your piece and include it in their publication. Your business can very well gain more visibility that can lead to more customers or website visibility for your products or services. Most press release sites provide you with a report on the statistics of your press release.

While there are many sites that handle press releases, we will focus on, the major player in this field.

At you can sign up for a free account, a process that takes less than 10 minutes. After sign-up you can submit your press release. This process is also facilitated with a step by step guide. The last stage is to decide which level of press release marketing you wish to pursue.

You can certainly select the free version, though it has a lower distribution level. Terms and conditions state that “The free package receives a reduced distribution to general search engines, in, some 3rd party and news websites, and RSS feeds.”

Your options for press release marketing at can be as high as $100 per submission, with distribution to site like Yahoo News, The Boston Globe and The Miami Herald.

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