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The Little-Known Power of Qzone Social Media (and how you can profit from it)

Qzone Social Media

Never heard of Qzone social media? Do you know China has more social media users than the combined users of Facebook in the world? Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be!

As you may already know, China has its own social media platforms. There is no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, instead there are Sina Weibo, RenRen and Qzone as the largest social media platforms.

Among these, Qzone is the most popular and the biggest social networking platform that is often overlooked by the marketers and western media. If you’re ignoring it even after being a marketer, know that you’re making a huge mistake! Want to know why? Keep reading!

Qzone being the biggest network is also emerging as the largest marketplace in the world. Recently, the insiders revealed that it is larger than Facebook, Instagram in terms of its marketplace. This is the reason, it is worth your attention. A majority of marketers and the leading business organizations of the world have already begun making huge profits from it. This is the high time, you should start thinking about it for yourself!

First off, don’t be scared off by some of the Chinese characters you’ll find when first visiting the site. You can access the English version (and several other languages via QQ International…

Additional help can also be found by visiting Fiverr and entering ‘Chinese social media’ in the search box..

Let’s discuss Qzone in detail and understand how it can be used for making huge profits.

What is Qzone Social Media?

Qzone social media is the biggest and the most popular social media site in China. You can see it as an extension of QQ Messenger which is Tencent‘s omnipresent instant message service used by over 700 million Chinese folks. It was created in 2005 and allows its users to keep diaries, listen to music, send photos, customise their blogs etc.

Over time, Qzone has transformed from a private platform to a massive open social media site. Currently, it has over 600 million active users, not just that this number is increasing at a rapid rate.

What makes Qzone different from other social media platforms?

Qzone is not purely a social media service like Instagram or Twitter. It is a combination of a blogging platform and social media platform. The main focus of Qzone is on page customization and personal expression. It allows users to post content about the topic they like. As compared to other social media sites, it doesn’t emphasize micro-exchanges.

Why Is Qzone Social Media Attracting Brands And Marketers?

There are several factors that make Qzone an interesting platform for the businesses and individual entrepreneurs. First and foremost, its massive size allows the businesses to have a maximum market coverage. Secondly, it offers great flexibility to the brands through its highly customizable pages, integrated applications and multimedia pages etc. It even allows the brands to create their own microsite within the platform. This functionality has been recently used by Nestle for promoting their Ben Na Na ice-cream.

The main advantage of these microsites is, they get the best of both worlds: the exposure of a large marketplace and the highly customizable nature of the blogging platform.

Here is a small case study, by the end of 2012, about 540,000 websites have used QQ connection (similar to Facebook connection) for signing into Qzone and also added QQ share buttons in their respective sites.


tingly, this resulted in two billion yuan or 324 million dollar profit for third party developers of Qzone. More than 350 thousand applications are registered on Qzone and it has over 80 thousands talented developers.

But that’s not enough, the real power of Qzone lies in the type of its audience. While other social media platforms have only one kind of users from the range of urban users, students and young workers, Qzone has an appealing audience base that includes all kinds of users.

It has an evenly distributed user base as compared to the other social media platform. So, by using it for promoting themselves, brands can target a wide population consisting of users of all age groups and interests, not merely a small chunk of a specific audience. Because of this quality, Qzone is seen as the biggest opportunity for FMCG and other market brands.

There is no wonder why leading brands like Orea, Chips Ahoy, Colgate, Bing Hong Cha Ice tea and others are increasing their fan base on Qzone. These are some of the most popular brands on Qzone and are making millions just by targeting the large pool of audience.

How Can I Profit From Qzone Social Media?

Now, the biggest question is, how can you make profits by using Qzone?

The answer is simple, by simply promoting your brand on it!

The significance of Qzone for every brand is different, it depends solely on its target audience. This platform is best for the brands that are looking for a large pool of audience in order to achieve broader coverage. Brands and businesses can integrate Qzone through a multi-channel strategy within the framework. They can reach out to millions via push messages.

Qzone is a clear example that clearly shows that China’s social media industry is more than the western world can imagine. Most importantly, it is extremely fruitful for the brands. But what is more important for you is understanding the characteristics and how-to’s of the vast platform before jumping in.

You have to decide and determine your objectives and the kind of audience you want. After that, you can go on analyzing the platform for your profit.

You can register on Qzone social media, it is internationally available, as mentioned above, and is free. Once you’ve registered, you can set up your microsite, create and customize your blog, update diaries etc. However, not all the features of Qzone are free, you have to purchase the plans after which you can access the advanced features of the platform.

Final Words

Qzone social media is the biggest marketplace not just for China but for the entire world. This is the reason why leading international brands like Nestle, Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Colgate etc. have shown their interests in it and have made substantial profits as well. The platform has over 700 millions of monthly active users from all the age groups. It offers a great marketplace for brands to maximize their exposure and earn more profit.

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