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Niche Marketing Ideas Do Not Require Passion And Expertise

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have do be passionate about your niche marketing ideas, nor to you have to have any particular expertise about the products involved.

Though some will say it’s a requirement for success, it is much more relevant for those who are building their own business from scratch. It’s nice to like what your do or sell, but if you are like most in the ‘make money online’ sector, your primary focus is to make a profit.

And frankly, with all the done-for-you marketing platforms out there, you don’t need to know a whole lot except for how to add an affiliate link.

I used to promote recipe ebooks from time to time, but I don’t know how to cook. I have advertised courses in woodworking, but I don’t know a saw from a lathe. I have marketed stop snoring devices, though I did not need the device myself and I have sold personalized souvenirs without any knowledge of printing or engraving.

So when I see posts and articles that claim you must be passionate about what you do, I take it with a grain of salt. But the bottom line is that you need to go where the money is to make a profit. Yes, surely, there can be other motivations in the mix, but that making a profit should be the driving force in any of your niche marketing ideas.

I have an interest in history and have had a blog about old graveyards for several years. Even with some Google ads I don’t think I make enough to pay for my yearly registration fee. As Richard Nixon once said about his dog Checkers: “I don’t care what they say. We’re going to keep it.”

In other instance, I have a site that I began after my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease called Memory Loss Drugs. Same pennies a month in profit. Nevertheless, I curate content for it on a regular basis. Niche Marketing Ideas

Your online niche marketing interests don’t need to make money, nor does making money have much to do with niches in which you consider yourself an expert or an aficionado. 

Passion and profit are not exclusionary, but the combination is not a precondition.

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