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Niche Marketing Easy Business Plan

Like many, when I first got involved with online marketing I threw caution to the wind and dived right in. This is a fairly common mistake made by a lot of new entrepreneurs. And I say mistake because niche marketing, while it can be a very lucrative endeavor, takes some time and patience to develop properly. Nevertheless, there is some good advice you can follow to greatly increase your chances of success.

Ambition, inexperience and a tendency to have eyes bigger than one’s stomach can lead many to throw up their hands in frustration. Think And Grow Rich may make for a great book title but, Niche Marketingif you’re just starting out, your pathway to success should start with something along the lines of The Little Engine That Could

In a word, start small and focus on building a niche marketing business that can progress into something bigger, better and more profitable as time goes on. 

Smaller Is Better To Begin

Take a website that I own: This site draws a lot of attention from searchers looking for cross fit gyms and other exercise opportunities. Cross training is a very small niche and, while my Google rankings go up and down, I’m able to stay at the top of the page on Bing and Yahoo.

There’s a lot of advertising revenue to be had when you can be found fairly easily in the search engines, and this is the kind of business that could eventually be used to market a cross training fitness book, online course or a lead generator for a particular gym.

Compare this with niche marketing in the ‘gym’ niche and you can see how much easier it is to get visitors and to reach a targeted audience.

A simple business plan for niche marketing is where most newcomers to online sales should begin.

Niche Marketing That Works

Why is this easy business plan a successful strategy?

Because selecting a smaller niche to work in opens up the opportunity to garner more attention. Not only are you more likely to get naturally noticed in the search engines, but your expenditures will be considerably less for paid search as well. As suggested above, your cost per click for advertising in the ‘cross training’ niche as compared with the amount you’d pay for a ‘gym’ or ‘fitness’ related keywords will be much lower.

While Cross Training Workouts provides a service and generates ad and affiliate revenue, you might want your niche to provide a specific product or service. This will make it considerably easier to do your niche marketing and to encourage people to consider buying. Whether you develop your own product or work as an affiliate, your promotions should be geared to solve a specific problem for a targeted group of potential customers.

My suggestion is to put your long-range ambitions in neutral when you begin. Experiment, see what works and build from there. You will eliminate a lot of frustration and over-reaching and the experience will put you on the road to niche marketing success.

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