Niche Marketing Blueprint

Niche Marketing Blueprint

The first video in our series on niche marketing begins with a definition of the phrase. Simply put, niche marketing is targeting a group of potential customers who have a shared interested in a particular product, service or lifestyle.

As a online marketer it will help if you also have an interest in the niche you are promoting, but this is not always possible in the beginning. Still, even with a niche that doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm, you can gain a lot of experience. I began my online selling career with promoting stop snoring devices. I did not get out of bed every morning with a smile on my face but, still, I made some money and gained a lot of experience. Niche Marketing Blueprint

It’s good to have a goal of becoming an authority in a particular niche. Leaving the option of affiliate marketing aside for a moment, you might want to look into creating a niche product that can be sourced from your own background and experience. Almost everyone has a some expertise in area that is of interest to others. This just might be the place you’d like to begin your niche marketing career.

Ideally, you’ll find something that will keep you interested over the long haul. What do you like to read about? What are your hobbies, talents and skills?

Look into the possibilities of taking your interest to the next level and do some research on products that might be useful and could turn a profit. You best bet for niche is to find a products that solve a particular problem and cannot be found for free elsewhere. Recipes are a good example of this. Free pie recipes, say, can be found all over the internet, but an ebook that contains a collection of pie recipes could find many customers. A collection of pumpkin pie recipes might be an even better idea.

We will look in more detail at researching possible niche products in our next video in the series.

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