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More Traffic To Your Website – Top 20 Easy Tips

More Traffic To Your Website

How to get more traffic to your website is a never-ending quest among marketers that undoubtedly will remain as long as the marketing power of the internet persists. What follows are 20 tips that may spur some new ideas in your quest to build a business in the 21 century.

Use headlines on your posts that create curiosity, ask a question or promise to solve a problem.

2. Use Google Analytics to test your blogs, websites or landing pages and make adjustments accordingly.

3. When using WordPress, avail yourself of a plugin like Yoast or RankMath or All In One SEO. It will make you search engine optimization a heck of a lot easier and will teach you the fundamentals of this internet art form.

4. Similarly, try to employ long tail keywords for your page names or blog post. Set your WordPress permalink function accordingly.

5. Keep adding content to your blog or website. Bigger sites garner more traffic.

6. Acquire links to and from your site from other relevant websites. More credibility and an increase in traffic is likely.

7. When creating a page or post, use your keyword in the link name.

8. Be sure to use one of the major search engines – Google or Bing – and have a campaign running on a regular basis.

9. Promote your products on Facebook and Twitter. They are the most popular social media platforms.

10. Start a group on Facebook is probably one of the most popular ways of how to get more traffic to your website. Contribute posts and relevant information regularly. Add your website links.

11. Provide free ebooks and videos that give value. Be sure to include your product links.

12. Take your video creations up a level and build a YouTube channel. You can do a lot of cross-

13. Linking and promotion with a YouTube channel. And don’t forget Vimeo, Wisteria and Facebook as additional possibilities.

14. Build your own membership site or forum related to your business or niche.

15. Sign up for Google alerts to monitor articles that contain your some of your product’s keywords.

16. Use solo ads with caution. Best bang for the buck is to concentrate on building your list with likely buyers – not freebie seekers. This approach has a more long-term potential as opposed to one-off product promotions.

17. Cross-promote your products with ads, email, social media and a variety of landing pages.

18. Ifvyou are just starting out you might want to think about getting a domain name that already has traffic. Sign up for a service like Expired Domains and buy some that have evidence of a history of traffic. Use the domain names as landing pages.

19. Host a Live video on Facebook or free webinar and give useful information.

20. Each time you create an article, submit it using the Bing and Google webmasters tools to be sure that the link is indexed.

How to get more traffic to your website is not limited to search engines and social media. You can network at conferences and post ads in newspapers. Maybe the best suggestion is to become a product creator and build your rep as a marketing expert.

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