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Monetizing A Blog With Proven Strategies

Monetizing A Blog

It is a familiar refrain among marketing gurus that, if you like internet marketing and would like to become a high ticket earner, you’d do well to transcend the landing page model and build and monetizing a blog.

While you many be new and are exploring various strategies, you might want to think of a blog as an eventual goal. If you are comfortable in a particular niche, a blog will give you much more leverage and authority than a simple landing page. Here again, if you are not comfortable putting words to paper you can make it a YouTube Channel or outsource the bulk of the work to a freelancer.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, would be to create pertinent articles or videos, drive traffic, build an audience and ultimately sell products. It is a a tried and true method. The more traffic you receive the more money you will eventually make.

Sell affiliate products, your own product creations, or offer advertisers space on your blog for their own income stream. Any or all are some of the most reliable ways to make money on the internet.

In Web 2.0, WordPress is the most commonly recommended blog building platform. It’s relatively easy to set up or you can have someone from Fiverr do the installation. There are all sorts of free and paid templates to choose from and the amount of plugins to automate your process is considerable. To know and master WordPress can ultimately be one of the most useful endeavors any internet novice can undertake.

As an added resource, don’t forget about Google’s Blogger. This platform was created back in the days of Web 1.0 and it’s even easier than WordPress to get started. Old-fashioned, yes, but my own experience shows that a blog on this platform can still generate a fair amount of traffic.

Driving traffic is the key to monetizing a blog and, as you might expect, it’s considerably more difficult than building it. Your posts need to be interesting or, at the very least, solve a problem, provide guidance or offer instruction. There are a ways to make your blog a success, but the essential goal is to offer value, create trust and build a loyal customer base.

Building and then monetizing a blog with appealing content will also help you garner much more attention from the search engines than a simple landing page thereby saving you some advertising costs.

Add a social media plugin and you will also get more traffic from the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Some of the top blogs get 1000s of visitors each day and the monetization opportunities are substantial.

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