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How To Market Your Business On The Internet (Top 5 Methods)

Market Your Business On The Internet

Aside from paying for advertising, there are some free or low costs methods to market your business on the internet. Some of them may be obvious too you, but others may be opportunities you have not yet begun to explore. And, of course, learning to master these methods will be the key to your success.

What follows are synopses of the top strategies for getting people to pay attention to your business:

Video Marketing

YouTube is rapidly becoming the go-to platform for exposure by way of video. Unless you are camera shy, almost anyone with a webcam or mobile phone can post video content on YouTube. And even if you are not inclined to appear in your own videos, there are numerous, inexpensive software packages with which you can create content.

Similarly, if you are also uncomfortable with narration, you can have someone on Fiverr do the narration for you for a modest sum. To generate more visitors to your website or landing page, include your URL and website description somewhere within the video or in the comment section. There are all sorts of methods and creative opportunities with video. Animation, humor, slides, 1st person presentations, testimonials, product reviews, charts and graphs, etc.

Lastly, if video creation is not for you and farming the work out is not an option, you have the prerogative of advertising your business on a popular channel within your niche. This will cost you, of course, but depending on your interests and skills, it may be a better choice for your particular business plan.

Using Social Media

No doubt you are familiar with social media marketing for promoting your business on the internet, but for many this means one or two options like Facebook or Twitter. Platforms like Tumblr and Mix (formally StumbleUpon), SlideShare and LinkedIn – to name just a few – are also excellent sources for generating interest.

Yes, I will be writing this article for my blog and adding it to my Fanpage on Facebook and my feed on Twitter, but it will also appear on Tumblr and Mix as well as the interoffice Currents (formally Google +), while the enclosed image will be linked to my Pinterest account. These are just my preferences.

You may have your own favorites. The point is that these these sites are also very popular and have a large audience. In sum, be sure to submit your articles and video links to sites like these as well for added exposure and to market your business online.

Facebook Groups And Other Forums

If you want some free publicity for you business, there are few sources better than groups and forums that focus on your particular niche. Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, Digital Point, Problogger and even Quora are particular favorites among affiliates and internet marketers. Reddit has a lot of lively participation and a group like Digital Entrepreneur on Facebook have numerous followers and some lively discussions.

You can’t just spam these sites with your business url of course, but if you have something constructive to contribute to the discussion, you will get some attention from the other members. You can add your link to your forum signature and folks can read your profile and check out your FanPage on Facebook. There’s a lot of competition for attention in these groups, but if you are genuinely interested in contributing to the conversation, you will be regarded as a serious business that’s worthy of consideration.

Blog Marketing

There a lot more blogs in recent years, but not all that many are successful. Some of the problems have to do with articles that don’t strike a chord with potential visitors in your niche. I have written elsewhere (see Blog Topic Ideas Generation) that by using tools like SemRush, Buzzsumo or, more simply, Google Search , you can find popular topics based on keywords.

When a particular site begins to turn up on a regular basis you might want to follow that blogger for additional ideas. On some of these blogs you’ll be able to leave comments with your own site url as part of the signature.

These links can be good for your rankings in the search engines as well as attracting curious visitors to your own blog. As with groups and forums, you’ll want to make sure your comments are pertinent to the discussion and not just link spam.

Market Your Business By Reviewing Others

Are you familiar with sites that aggregate reviews for various products and services. This is also an excellent way to market your business on the internet. By submitting your own reviews you can garner attention to your site for those who have an interest in the product under review. This is also a good way of getting legitimate links in a an environment where these opportunities are not as pervasive as they once were. Again, if you have a writing flair or know how to put a video together, you should consider reviewing as a way to market your business with digital strategies.

In conclusion, consider these top 5 suggestions as a starting point for market recognition. Over time, you’ll find the most efficient and cost-effective methods for your budget. Also, don’t hesitate to avail yourself of freelancers if you have the resources. Everyone has different skills and experience and you should not be restricted in participating fully if you still consider yourself a newbie.

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