Lies, Chicanery And Just Plain Affiliate Fraud

What the heck is going on in internet marketing nowadays?
I see some sales letters in our industry right now and I can’t help but think these guys were brought up by “The Artful Dodger” to earn their marketing chops.

Just plain affiliate fraud. Sad, but true. 

Affiliate Fraud
Actors playing happy customers, earning reports created with Photoshop and more fake-mongering than you will find in the putative Hitler Diaries or the Autobiography of Howard Hughes
That’s why I was delighted when British dude, Trevor Emdon, decided to put his money where his mouth is.
Here’s how:
He found a way to get masses of free traffic off Facebook and turn it into $1959.16 and it only took him 13 minutes.
And his product shows you exactly how he did it.
I’ve gone through all his video tutorials in the members area and this thing is awesome.
It’s fast.
It’s free.
And it works.
And when you grab this thru my link you’re also getting a previously-recorded, closed-doors Masterclass from Facebook maestro Michael Cheney all about how to get masses of free traffic (and money) from Facebook.
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