Landing Pages Optimization

Landing Pages Optimization

An excellent way to perform landing pages optimization is to do a cursory examination of those pages you come across that stimulate your own interest to buy.  Similarly, it might not be a bad idea to spend an hour or two dropping by the landing pages of your competitors and see what they have designed and the copy that they have employed.

There’s nothing unethical about modeling your own page on strategies you think will work. It’s often referred to as ‘hacking’ and it is a perfectly acceptable technique for your own landing pages optimization. In fact, many of the top internet marketing gurus highly recommend it. If you feel the design and/or the copy is effective don’t hesitate to borrow some of the methodology. The only problem might be if you make the mistake of using their copy verbatim. You would be plagiarizing and could result in some unpleasant consequences. Landing Pages Optimization

More to the point, study the ideas, buzz words marketing strategies that are employed and build your own page accordingly. If there isn’t a clear indication of what landing pages optimization strategies are most effective, you can weigh the results by split testing which versions of the offer get the best results.

By split testing we mean directing a portion of your traffic to a page that uses one form of the strategy and the remaining portion to another page with a different emphasis. Adding a different piece of code for each example will help you determine the split testing results.

The one landing page that gets better results is the likely to be your best bet. Many marketing experts take split testing very seriously and it is not uncommon for them to be constantly tweaking the effectiveness of their landing pages optimization sales page by trying out different strategies and techniques.

The best way to begin a split testing campaign is to start by working with relatively obvious examples such as having two separate headlines. If one headline is the clear leader, you can then try to see which call-to-action phrase is the most effective. Gradually, you can ascertain which elements are best for your landing page and will entice visitors to sign up to your list or purchase your products. This landing pages optimization process takes time and careful implementation, but the likelihood of greater interaction with your site will make it well worth the effort.

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