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Internet Marketing Webinars Still Rule

Not too long ago internet marketing webinars were all the rage. You would have been hard-pressed not to find a guru who was not promoting a course, platform or software solution via a usually ‘free’ webinar.

A certain formula for internet marketing webinars took hold and sales scripts and techniques also became material for courses in and of themselves. You could learn when to solicit responses from the attendees and how to build to the product promotion throughout the presentation.

Webinars were extremely popular in their early incarnations. But problems began to make a dent in their value effectiveness. YouTube has always been a serious competitor and then along came Twitter’s Periscope and, of course, Facebook Live has had a serious impact.

One lingering issue for those contemplating internet marketing webinars is that, in the early stages of promotion, online sales seminars are not necessarily different from any other product one is making available. How do get sign-ups, how much to invest in advertising and how much would your mailing list be interested. The same techniques are needed – a good ad, a good headline, a compelling theme, etc. Internet Marketing Webinars

There’s a lot of work involved with setting up an online workshop and it can be expensive. You need to be comfortable being live on the internet and you need to be prepared to deal with trolls. One major difference is that solo ads are notoriously ineffective for webinars. Many sign-ups and mostly know-shows.

If you are a seasoned marketer, curious or looking for new solutions to add to your arsenal, one can easily become annoyed at facing 30 – 60 minute webinar, where the main product is not revealed until the conclusion. And, of course, there there are all those statistics out there about average viewing time, etc.

Still, when it comes to online training, internet marketing webinars are still very much with us and for good reason. And that’s because when it comes to high ticket sales, a compelling and detailed webinar is just the ‘ticket.’

Yes, its true, that despite the considerable work involved in preparation and that during the broadcast many attendees will become impatient and move on, the rewards can be substantial when you consider the potential value of those who stay. You want those who are truly interested and even those who do not purchase anything during broadcast time, they are now in your sales funnel and a good autoresponder sequence can do the rest.

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