Internet Caveman Paintings

I’ve been watching a lot of inspirational and instructive videos recently (see my website, and I have been thinking a lot about what drives us to succeed.
Along with the spiritual and inspirational, it may be unpleasant for some to acknowledge that we have some fundamental instincts that have been embedded in our psyches since we stuck our noses up out of the primordial ooze.
Internet Caveman Paintings
One such drive is the desire for status and/or wealth. We may do this in the 21st century to be on the cover of Time or be listed on the Forbes Billionaire List, but these are just the surface rewards of a deeper drive:
I have a few caveman paintings in this regard. Simply put, we want to be as attractive as possible to as many members of the opposite sex as possible so that we have a better chance to pass on our genes and our own immortality for generations to come.
Similarly, we are all quite enthused about developing websites, sending out emails and advertising on Bing. We do this because we want customers or fans, of course. And it is very similar (in its own way) of taking a wooden spear or a reed basket out on the Savannah to capture game for food and clothing.
I don’t pretend to be E.O. Wilson, but I think it’s important for we marketers to acknowledge the source of our drives and competitiveness.
Acknowledge them. Master them. And put them to good use.

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