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Info Product Creation To Build A Business

As this video tutorial demonstrates, the world is your oyster when it comes to info product creation. Almost any subject will do as long as there is a niche with an interest in the topic.

Ebooks, podcasts, videos, articles and slide shows are all possible info product creation methods. Deciding which platform to use can be simple if you have some skills in any of these approaches, or you can certainly outsource the material if you have the resources. Info Product Creation

Probably the most difficult part of making money with info product creation is decide which topic will be the most effective. You’ll want to work with an interesting topic, but also one for which people will be willing to pay money for.

As we have discussed in other sections of this blog (see our Niche Marketing Blueprint video tutorials Series), doing research to find a worthy subject is the key. In addition to forum niches and sites like Yahoo Answers, the narrator suggest your local or nearby university library to find good info product creation ideas.

Creating is ebooks is often considered to be the easiest way to create an information product. But one of the great virtues of info product creation is that the essential information can be re-purposed in many different ways.

For instance, the original ebook can be recreated into an actual print book that has a larger profit margin. The chapters in your ebook can be divided up into a series of articles for your blog. The focus of your ebook can become the basis of a video and the audio from this video can be used to create downloadable podcasts or a CD.

The narrator suggests some tools for you to create your information products. A free office suite like LibreOffice (similar to OpenOffice) is recommended and can be very helpful. You can create PDF files (the standard for most downloadable ebooks) with this product and create slides like the ones used in this video tutorial.

To create video, the narrator recommends Cantasia. This is a fairly expensive product but it is considered by many to be the finest of its kind on the market for screen recording and editing. One open source tool for video recording is Camstudio, though it does not have editing functionality. Also product mentioned is Active Presenter, which does have editing and is available in a free or paid version.

One last tool mentioned is Free Serif Software. This a free to download software bundle that includes almost everything you’d need for info product creation. They’ve got free desktop publishing software, free website design software, free graphic design software, free photo editing software, free movie editing software and free panoramic photo stitching software. Definitely worth a gander!

This video introduction to info product creation concludes by recommending a well-designed product page with a sales letter format. The page should highlight the value of the product and encourage visitors to take advantage of immediate satisfaction with a quick and easy download.

All vendors are encouraged to stand by their goods with a money-back guarantee. Interestingly, the narrator points out that statistics show that the longer the guarantee the less likely the product will be returned.

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