How To Make A Video Blog

How To Make A Video Blog

To increase the appeal of your business website you might want to learn how to make a video blog to attract more customers and enhance your connection with regular visitors.

Adding visitors to your site is not for everyone, but it can greatly improve the experience of new and frequent visitors alike. While much depends on your comfort level and personality, video can be extremely engaging and is usually easier to absorb than the written word. If you are familiar with the marketing dictum of getting visitors to ‘know, like and trust’ you, then video is probably the most effective method to accomplish this.

Learning how to make a video blog is fairly easy to begin. You can begin by developing a YouTube and/or Vimeo channel that has a message that is consistent with your business and business website. The videos you create for your channels can then be embedded on your blog as well as being posted on Facebook and other social media platforms.

The hard part, if you have little experience or are camera shy, is to make the videos. Still, if you have a camera on your mobile phone half the task is accomplished. Finding a subject to pursue is a bit more difficult but, at the end of the day, there is usually a plethora of material you can choose from. How To Make A Video Blog

You can start out by visiting other YouTube channels in your niche to see what’s trending. You can make a visual rendition of your previously written articles or those of your favorite marketing gurus and add your own personal touch. Also, you might want to download some PLR (Private Label Rights) videos for additional ideas. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, back away a bit from the educational and promotional and record some of your own experiences to the mix. This will go a long way in adding a personal, humanizing touch.

If you would rather not appear on camera, keep in mind that you can confine yourself to narration and there are a number of video programs that can help you to this along with animation, preparing slides and PowerPoint presentations. Also, a doing a walk-through video tutorial of a program or service you are familiar with can be very effective. Camtasia Studio is highly recommended for this type of screen recording video.

It’s helpful if you post your videos on a consistent basis. Add them as ‘video articles’ to your blog. Experience and data all point to the fact that adding video will help you gain new followers.

Remember that you can easily become accomplished in learning how to make a video blog by converting your written articles into video. There’s no problem with simply reading the text and unedited isn’t necessarily a problem. If you have a small budget you can do search for free video editing software or check your mobile phone for the best IOS and android apps.

Happy to have comments and any suggestions you might have for how to make a video blog.

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