How To Build An Email List

How To Build An Email List The Right Way

How to build an email list is one of the foundations of learning how to become a digital marketer. There are numerous tutorials, YouTube videos and high-end coaching opportunities on the subject.

This brief article is not to go into various details about this powerful marketing methodology. You can learn most of the fundamentals of how to build an email list with various videos and other tutorials here…

My intention is simply get you off on the right foot, without spending needless time and money.

That said, if you’re reluctant and on the shy side (like myself), you’ll need to get over it. Truly, and in my own experience, building an email list can make the difference between success and failure and the most successful and well-known marketing gurus will say the same. How To Build An Email List

For those new to internet marketing, and for those who appreciate the value of an email list, the first step is often list building gimmicks or services that promises thousands of new sign-ups for your business. This, if you haven’t discovered it already, is not how to build an email list that will produce good results. It can be expensive and the quality usually leaves a lot to be desired.

The quality of your list will trump quantity every time. There’s undoubtedly a bit of the freebie seeker in all of us. But to have 100,000 of them on your list will not produce good results over time. The best list is the list that includes customers who have a strong interest in what you have to say and sell and will by from you on a consistent basis.

If you can approach this honestly, you will soon discover that there is no quick gimmick or penny per lead opportunity that will guide you to the promised land. If you can get past a get-rich-quick mentality and begin to build a sustainable business, you will appreciate that there is no easy route.

As noted, the size of your list doesn’t matter. Keeping good customers is the key. And you can find them on Bing, Google, YouTube or Facebook. And there’s no doubt you can attract them with a free opportunity if it has value to those seeing your ads.

This is the fundamental core of how to build an email list. Depending on your niche, you will need a very good product to give away or offer at an unusually low cost. Lastly, and most importantly, you will need an excellent array of products to choose from with a matching upsell campaign to boot.

Whether you are a product creator or an affiliate marketer, the quality and value of your inventory for your selected niche will ultimately determine the quality and value of your email list.

In sum, you might say that how to build and email list the right way is how to produce or determine what makes for a good product. And, while it will certainly cost you money in A/B testing and advertising to find this out, it will be a lot less expensive and of greater worth than an unresponsive mailing list.

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