High Ticket Affiliate Programs

High Ticket Affiliate Programs And Apple

There’s a lot of blow back when it comes to promoting high ticket affiliate programs.

“There are so many free or less expensive alternatives” is the usual refrain. “If it’s so expensive it must be a rip-off”, is another.

It reminds me of years ago when Apple and Microsoft were battling for computer dominance and the web hadn’t progressed much beyond Compuserve and America Online.

A desktop was the primary an office tool and the baby boom generation was just beginning to grasp the possibilities – both in the home as well as the office.

Back then, I wouldn’t have given Apple much of a chance in either environment. It was the computer of choice for a small segment of society – graphic intensive workplaces and for amateur hobbyists.

Back then, I wouldn’t (didn’t) have invested in Apple stock. After all, almost everyone I knew was learning about computers in the office. And most offices were using DOS and IBM clones.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs

What has all this have to do with high ticket affiliate programs? Well, Me (and a lot of others) missed Apple’s great potential in the Ease Of Use department. It turns out that people were willing to pay a premium for a done-for-you style computer with a graphical interface that made the computer learning curve a lot less hazardous for the beginner.

After Steve Jobs returned to Apple things really began to take off. More innovation, more options. The Ipod, Ipad and Iphone were trend-setters and, even though, less expensive variations appeared in the marketplace, Apple continued to build its customer base with an Ease Of Use model that still attracts new buyers today.

This is very similar to the quality high ticket affiliate programs that are now available. Many possible customers will bitch and moan about the price and, no doubt, they have their reasons.

But for those who are attracted to the potential of the internet working with high ticket affiliate programs has much to recommend them. Particularly for those who would not nor cannot create a product, develop a website or build an email list, a comprehensive marketing course with a done-for-you foundation is just, forgive me, the ticket.

All these skills will be taught in a course like this, but it is not a prerequisite. Learning the fundamentals if driving free and paid traffic is all that is required to build a sustainable business. The rest can be learned as you progress should you so desire.

Keep in mind that Apple’s value recently reached $1 trillion. While we are certainly not promising that kind of income, getting started with high ticket affiliate programs is a good way to begin.

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