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Hashtag Marketing Can Help Your Business

Whether you have an online business or a traditional storefront, hashtag marketing can boost your presence online. It all began with Twitter several years ago and has become popular on other platforms as well. Still, there are many who are not conversant with this marketing method and, unsure of the benefits, are reluctant to give hashtags a try.

Hashtags can be useful for a variety of reasons. Many, for instance, use techniques to monetize posts and product links by keeping abreast of trending topics found by using hashtag searches. Most business owners, however, simply use them to be discovered by those who have an interest in what their business has to offer. Essentially, it’s a free marketing method that only requires a Twitter or Instagram account. Hashtag Marketing

Hashtag marketing need not be complicated nor difficult. But there are some approaches that are more effective than others.

First, use hashtags that are simple and meaningful while always keeping in mind what you would consider your preferred audience. Specific audiences will increase interest and engagement and that can result in a visit to your website, a sign-up to your email list of product sales.

Example: You are promoting a digital marketing course. Use hashtags like #socialmediamarketing #contentmarketing and #seo to garner more attention.

Next, be sure that you keep your hashtags to a minimum per tweet or post. Otherwise you will be considered a hashtag spammer. Even with Twitter’s recent increased character upgrade, you should keep the number of hashtags to two. Three at the very most.

There are a number of businesses who closely monitor the most current hashtags that are used by influencers as well as competitors. Many of these hashtags monitoring sites, while valuable resources, can also be expensive. If you are just starting out I’d recommend Hashtagify.me as it has a free version. It is also helpful in serving as a hashtag marketing thesaurus when searching for the most the most descriptive and popular hashtags to use in your tweets.

Lastly, be sure to use your hashtags on several social media platforms to get the most exposure for your business. While hashtag marketing will not replace more traditional forms of advertising, it is an excellent free method to help your business grow.

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