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Giving Away Free Products To Build A List

Giving Away Free Products

How do I make any money giving away free products?

If you want to attract people to join your list, or get people to part with their names and email address, then you have to give something of value. Or to be exact – can you solve an immediate problem the prospects are facing right now?

So it doesn’t matter what niche you are in, whether you are in the internet business niche, in personal growth, health, dating… it’s much the same.

So here a few tried and true list building tips by giving away free products…

Firstly, the medium of your offer is not that important. Much will depend on the resources you have access to. If you’re not inclined to reinvent the wheel you can check for giveaways at a PLR site.

Your list builder it can be anything from a PDF E-book to image templates or email swipe files videos, podcasts, webinar replays and even running a live one. And yes, it is possible to run a free, live webinar, and you can sell something at the backend at its conclusion.

The most important thing here is that the sale pitch is usually more important than the medium.

The primary goal here is that you need to solve a problem – the more immediate and urgent the better.

Yes, I’ve said that twice already, and I’m going to hammer that point home. That’s because most people out there, especially beginner internet marketers, are just randomly putting up offers on Facebook or Twitter and hoping something sticks. And the targeting is usually much too random to make useful connections

Here’s the thing – you’re not really here to build a massive list. That should be more of an afterthought and future goal. The most important thing right now is that you’re going to build a targeted list of people who are more likely to become your customer or client.

So, you don’t need to build a list of hundreds or thousands of subscribers giving away free products. A list of people in the low hundreds will suffice. If the folks on your list are truly interested you can very possibly build a profitable, 5-figure a month business.

The next point here is to not get too carried away giving away free stuff – this is a newbie mistake. The only time you should be giving something away for free should be on the front end of a sales funnel.

And that means that people have not heard of it before, or they’re just about to opt-in to your list – that should be the only time you should be giving away something for free. We All appreciate and can benefit from giveaway products, but you can also encounter the inevitable ‘freebie seekers’ who bounce from one complimentary giveaway to another.

Focus on solving the problem and you can follow up with offering another form of assistance – it could be through a video tutorial series, coaching, or your other paid products. And, when you challenge beliefs or educate your potential customers, you’re gonna realize that if they are going to solve this problem, they will need to make more informed decisions.

And that often means, investing in other tools or investing in a follow-up program, or taking the next step – and this is where your sales funnel comes in. That’s why you are making a free offer to show them what they need to know, and why you are a useful source to help them solve it.

And you do it with the intention of only proving your worth and to show that you are the go-to person in helping your prospect solve a problem.

You want to cater to people who are serious action takers, who will be your potential customers, not to people who are on the giving away free products gravy train.

So, that’s really all there is to a free offer – there is nothing else to it. Don’t need to present a 100 page E-book or a 10-part video course. It’s not necessary. Sometimes you can explain it all in as little as only 20 pages. Sometimes a simple ‘checklist’ will suffice.

This is why webinars are also very effective, and you could be explaining everything in just under an hour, rather than going through like 4-5 hours of training. People rarely have that kind of time, anyway. And when they have not paid anything, they’re not committed.

If this all seems a bit over your head and you are just getting your feet wet with affiliate marketing, then you will surely benefit by joining a program that has much of the set-up work done for you. Giving away free products can be a breeze if these items have already been created for you. All you would need to do is promote them. And many programs provide a landing page for you.

Sound interesting? Here’s a link to a free webinar replay that will explain more, or you can order a copy of the Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook.

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