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It may seem obvious, but you need to keep tabs on your marketing efforts to see what works and where you need improvement. The most useful methods are through research, testing, tracking and following some of the techniques of those marketers who are most successful.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate any of this. This is the way that newbies progress from knowing nothing to achieving good results. Those that are foundering, failed or quit do not analyze, test nor study the leaders in their niche.

When following the successful internet marketing gurus you should also try and associate Internet Marketing Gurus
yourself with them. Follow their blogs, Facebook posts and tweets and, when appropriate, get in touch with them, ask a question or two, let them know how much you appreciate their expertise and advice.

Many in the top echelon of the sales funnel are happy to spend thousands for one on one coaching and exclusive webinars with these marketing gurus. Buy, while research and testing may cost you a few dollars, for the average newbie this kind of exchange is usually free.

Impatience is a hindrance to many new marketers, so be aware that useful information like this usually doesn’t translate into results immediately. Yet, even if there is no quick payoff, you’re still learning some often very powerful insights for free. You’re picking up on what works, why it works, how these methods are being used, and how you can employ this advice in your own businesses. It goes without saying that all successful marketers have done this and you can do this as well to make a success of your online marketing efforts.

The act of observing these marketers and engaging them in an occasional polite exchange will serve you well over time. Begin today and you won’t regret it. You are probably already subscribed to more than a few lists from a guru or two so don’t hesitate to ask a question if you don’t feel you are fully informed.

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