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Honest Fiverr Review for Aspiring Freelancers and Potential Clients

Fiverr Review

No Fiverr review would be complete without adding the observation that freelancing is a rising career aspiration, and one that is of particular interest in light of the recent pandemic.

In any case, freelancing gives people the ability to use their skills and make money from it, all while setting their own hours and being their own boss.

You’ve seen those pictures of those folks laying on a hammock with a laptop in one hand and a pina colada in the other. Sure, that’s Madison Avenue talking. But they may be on to something. And a lot of people are listening.

It is the ultimate freedom for people to do what they love, and that is awesome for those seeking that lifestyle. That reality, mixed with the increase of technological advances, fostered the rise of several platforms for freelancers to utilize to grow their brands. Though there are many out there that are deemed successful, the one I want to talk about here is Fiverr.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is a leading freelance platform established in 2010 by Shari Wininger and Micha Kaufman. It is a place where people can either leverage their talents to sell, or find a seller who can fulfill their servicing needs, such as writing, video development, logo creations, voice-overs, website designing, and much more.

For both freelancers and their clients the company has been a smashing success. With Fiverr review stats showing they host 2.4 million buyers and 830,000 sellers, generating 50 million transactions a month across 160 counties and 200 different categories, it is safe to say that this platform is a significant one to consider to obtain a diverse range of freelance work.

For an in depth look, check out the buyer and seller Fiverr support page to get a broader picture of the regulations, rules, and expectations when using this service. Overall, this is an extremely popular place for people to earn a decent income or for others to find professional freelancers.

Aside from having a reliable, safe place to formulate transactions, what makes this such an appealing platform is that it takes full advantage of our innovative digital era – an era where the freelancing and gig economy market is ever-evolving and growing. 

According to Forbes, 35% of United States workers are freelancing as of 2019. That equates to 57 million people, which is 4 million more than there was in 2014. Many go solo, while others use platforms such as Fiverr to generate their revenue in the gig economy.

Fiverr Review Pros 

There are many valuable Fiverr review pros for both a sellers and a buyers. For example, you can be confident that this is not a scam. Fiverr is a legit business and happens to be one of the most popular freelance marketplaces utilized by people worldwide. Some other positive features that you should take away from this Fiverr review include: 

  • If you are a seller and work hard, putting in 110% effort into your productions, you could make a significant full-time income from Fiverr. Even if this is not a full-time thing for you, it is still great extra side income
  • It is entirely flexible and free to sign up. You can use the services 24/7, set your own budget as buyers, and create your own prices as sellers.
  • Fiverr offers badges to help people thrive on their platform. If they see potential in a new seller, they will give them a “rising talent” badge, where they will be featured on the homepage for about 1-2 weeks to provide them with a boost in reputation. There is also the “Fiverr’s choice” badge as well for a limited duration, giving buyers more insight to Fiverr’s handpicked sellers for peace of mind ordering.  
  • For buyers, there are tons of gig options you can choose from, solidifying your confidence that you will find someone who will match what you need to have done.
  • There are levels on Fiverr: no level, level 1, level 2, top-rated, and pro. Though pro is something that you have to apply for separately and top-rated is an area where they select you once you meet the criteria to be nominated, the other levels are guaranteed and can really show your worth as a seller. As you grow and mature on the platform, you gain status, and that equates to more sales. It is also a way for buyers to find people in the experience level they desire with a simple filter search. Furthermore, each level allows for additional gigs to be added to your profile, meaning more opportunities to succeed.  
  • Client support is always available to help you with any issues you may have. From transaction challenges to profile matters, they are just one simple email way to getting you back on track.

Fiverr Review Cons

As with anything in life, there are always cons associated. I want to be as transparent as possible in this review of Fiverr, but keep in mind that the drawbacks really pertain to freelancing in general:

  • A con for sellers is that Fiverr is a buyer’s market, meaning the supply exceeds the demand. In other words, the market is filled with competition, so you really need to stand out and do exceptional work to get leverage. This also means that you may have to begin your journey by underselling your services to be attractive so you can get good reviews to build yourself up.
  • There is no guarantee that you will take off quickly. It can take some time, maybe even years, to gain momentum and be trusted as a reliable source – mostly for sellers – but buyers as well. The best thing you can do is make your profile as sharp as possible with quality images and write-ups that make you attractive.
  • Freelancing, in general, is not a steady income career. One week you could make a fortune, whereas other weeks, you could barely make anything. There is high risk involved, and if you are willing to balance that out financially, then you are perfect for this lifestyle.  
  • For potential clients, no Fiver review can proclaim with any certainty the skills of every freelancer on the platform. Quality in general is high and is commensurate with each level indicated. And be assured that back and forth discussions and revisions are always available and more serious issues can be resolved quickly. See Buyer’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Fiverr Worth It? Fiverr Review Take Away  

Overall, Fiverr is a great place to check out for both sellers and buyers. It is filled with professional freelancers and is always open for more people to come in and offer their talents. Though most of the complaints come from sellers, buyers generally have nothing to worry about. 

Even if there is an issue, client support is there to help as well, so you are never alone or left in the dark when it comes to mitigation issues. If you want to begin branching out, Fiverr is an excellent place to take advantage of.

It is free, respected, and easy to navigate through. As a final review note, there are no contracts involved. This gives you the freedom to walk away if you find that it is not right for you, making Fiverr a place where you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The are several guides to becoming a freelancer with Fiverr. You can see many of them here…

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