eMarketing And The Wisdom Of Insecurity

Whatever you decide to do with emarketing, do not presume that your specialties and skills will always be relevant or in as high demand as it might be today.

If I were to suggest that mastering the art of building a Facebook group or advertising there will not be quite as an effective marketing option in a few years, many would say I was deluded. But 10 years ago social media was a gleam in someone’s eye and the idea that you could create an online business without a website was ludicrous.


Change is inevitable in emarketing and the online world. I remember that many businesses suffered considerably when Google began changing their SEO algorithms a few years back and Facebook and Twitter and other platforms are constantly changing their requirements and standards and one thing is certain: They will continue to do so.

I say all this because I’m one of those guys who has been dragged kicking and screaming into many of the changes. It can get frustrating spend a lot of time on one strategy, only to find out that the time would be better spent elsewhere.

I’m a meat and potatoes guy when it comes to emarketing: Search engine optimized websites, free lead magnets, autoresponder follow-ups, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc. All worthwhile, but maybe not as effective as some other methods that I have heretofore ignored.

“Everything changes,” said the Zen Master and few environments prove the point better than emarketing. To answer any questions about this, I would spread my wings into other areas, at least getting an idea of the changes in the industry. Read the blog posts, get on the mailing lists of some marketing gurus and be sure to pick up a copy of Alan Watt’s The Wisdom Of Insecurity…

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