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Email Writing Tips For Internet Marketers

If you are like me, and are very involved in internet marketing, you’re probably on the lookout for the latest email writing tips to improve communications with potential customers.

Here Are A Few Email Writing Tips I’ve Learned Along The Way: 

1. Offer useful information on your favorite topic which is presumably related to your business

2. Recommend a good book, video or informational product that has some connection to your business.

3. Keep your readers informed about upcoming events like webinars or live Twitter discussions. Blab broadcasts, Periscope sessions and Facebook Live can all be useful events to share with your readers.

4. You should be assuming that the majority of your readers have at least a passing interest in what you have to sell, so notifying them occasionally about current discounts and sales promotions can be helpful to them.

5. There’s no need to be stingy with your information. Steering your readers to the website of a favorite blogger or podcaster should be part of your useful information repertoire.  Email Writing Tips

These are some of the most practical email writing tips that come to mind. If you are bombarded daily with hard sales pitches, it’s easy to become cynical and jaded no matter how catchy or provocative the headline. With a softer, gentler and more generous approach, you’re likely to see increased sales by providing free advice, tools and resources that can be of benefit.

We are talking specifically about working with an email list of potential and loyal customers. If you have significant resources, placing targeted ads on Facebook, Google and Bing can certainly be an effective way to gain market share. Still, promoting internet marketing strategies can be a tough sell, particularly to those who have had their pockets picked by some of the low-end get-rich-quick schemes that are pervasive on the internet.

The best internet marketing tips involve offering value to your email, list, whatever their financial status or level of commitment to the internet marketing model. Be honest and helpful to your readers, and assuming you have a quality product, the sales will follow.

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