Email Marketing Open Rates

Email Marketing Open Rates Improvement

Increasing email marketing open rates is one of the driving concerns of any dedicate email marketer. Simply put, a low click through rate means meager sales.

With this in mind, you can understand why the size of your list is a secondary concern. You could have all the emails of every member of Facebook and still go out of business fairly quickly if no one is clicking on your offers.

How, then, would you substantially increase your email marketing open rates no matter the size of your list?

It is a topic of great interest and, while there are various opinions, different niches and targeting options that vary with different generations and technological advancements, there are some fundamentals that may help increase your results.

Email Marketing Open Rates Analysis

The best way to begin is to keep a close eye on the results you are currently attaining. Are potential customers at least opening your message even though they are not clicking on the offer? Are there only a few interested subscribers? Are you keeping track of where your subscribers are coming from and are there similar characteristics to any particular group’s level of interest?

If there is very little interest at all, the quality of your headlines is certainly a place to begin experimenting with. There are many courses out there that deal with this, but you might get some insight with a free ebook like Failproof Headlines! How To Write Headlines That Grab Attention Fast.

The Value Of Sending ‘Buy This Now’ Messages’ Three Times A Day

While some very successful marketers will assure you that a steady barrage of promotional emails is the way to go, this approach can be quite irritating to many new subscribers. Advocates will claim that If you have access to a list of thousands, getting a high unsubscribe rate is just the price of doing business.

Nevertheless, if you are not getting any traction at all, you might want to consider a more toned-down approach. This usually involves a cultivating a personal style and a process of trust-building. Those that are turned off by the hard sell have usually signed up for your list because you have provided them with a solution to a problem. While this solution is often a giveaway, the likelihood that they will spend in the future is much greater if you can provide additional help and resources for their benefit. Email Marketing Open Rates

In any case, if you are less aggressive in style and are still receiving poor email marketing open rates, you might want to master some more assertive techniques. For this, take a gander at Email Black Ops from Michael Cheney…

Improving Email Marketing Open Rates: Try, Try Again

You’ll appreciate the fact that the old saw about 95% of all affiliate marketers fail has some validity when you consider that there are many, many newbies who would never consider email marketing and still more who give up after some half-hearted attempts. It’s understandable. Affiliate marketing in general and email marketing in particular are tough nuts to crack.

The first problem, of course, is developing a list to begin with. If that’s where you’re coming from you might consider checking out the List Building Category on my blog. For addressing the matter at hand, testing and retesting is ultimately the best way. It makes no sense to follow of the lead of one particular guru if your results don’t match your expectations.

A second problem to consider is that many of your subscribers may very well be on several lists and, in some cases, your competitors are selling the same products. This is particularly true if you are working with platforms like JVZoo or Clickbank. These companies provide a treasure trove of products that can prove useful to online marketers and many savvy affiliates are eager to promote them. Try to avoid using the standard emails provided by the product creator as many are following the same course. At the very least, try to come up with a different headline that separate you from the rest of the pack.

Another problem will certainly be the quality of your list. If you are just starting out, the reliance on solo ad promoters can be a useful solution (for more on solo ad providers read What Are Solo Ads And How To Use Them). Try to find solo ad providers that are happy to send out emails that will help you build your list.

Newsletter Marketing Open RatesStill, you are now promoting to individuals who, while interested in your niche, are also being bombarded with promotional emails on a daily basis. These recipients can certainly become your customers, but, as time goes on, the quality of your list will improve by getting opt-ins from your Facebook ads or visitors to your website.

Lastly, the problem of spending the time to create your own emails is often a career-ender for otherwise ambitious marketers. When you consider the fact that you have a better chance of building a brand with your own unique perspective, personality and other promotional skills, the willingness to do this seems to be a no-brainer.

Still, the work is not easy and not everyone likes or has a flair for writing. There is, of course, the option of video messages or outsourcing the email creation part of your business if you have the resources. Certainly, too, email marketing is not the only path to attracting customers. Having a Facebook fanpage or YouTube channel can be extremely useful.

The methodologies to focus on are decisions we all have to make. Just keep in mind that today email marketing is the most effective way of attracting and keeping customers. Despite all the done-for-you packages now available, building your own brand and increasing your email marketing open rates is what will help you rise above the rest. Good marketers like to develop new skills and are not afraid of hard work.

The question remains: Are you one of them?

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