Effective Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages Contain These Elements

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or have your own products to sell, building effective landing pages will play a significant part in your ultimate success.

Certainly, first impressions are not to be underestimated in a competitive marketplace and you need to grab attention, while offering a safe, secure and professional environment at the same time. Essentially, you need to offer an easily navigable pathway to becoming a customer without a barrage of hype and distractions that can get in the way.

Though you are committed to joining the world of online marketing, you may not have the desire or interest in creating your own sites. Still, you might need to develop your own copy and, whatever your personal involvement you should surely be aware of the elements of what makes for effective landing pages. Here’s a guide for you to keep in mind:

You’ll want to have an attractive design that is ultimately simple and efficient. Visitors should feel comfortable here and can find there way around with ease.

Potential customers that come across your site or have clicked on an email or advertising link should quickly see your offer and the value one receives from taking you up on it. Sometimes you are promoting a product directly, in other instances you’ll want them to find out more by signing up with their email for a free ebook or video course. Either way, your copy should clearly state the reasons they should take further action. Landing Page Effectiveness

In this day and age, customers are much more savvy about shopping online. Stay away from unreasonable claims. Not only will it drive many potential customers to another site, you’ll have a hard time having any ads accepted by platforms like Facebook.

Make sure that your copy is factual and truly represents the products attributes. If you have some research you can quote to that effect, all the better.

Testimonials from satisfied customers provide some reassurance for many visitors. You can use your own judgment as to whether these testimonials are on video or via the written word. Either way, fake reviews and testimonials can be ferreted out and will only diminish your credibility and online reputation. Try to be as honest as you can, even if it means losing a sale or opt-in here and there. If you are serious about online sales, don’t sacrifice short term gain for a good reputation. Your long-term viability as an internet marketer could be seriously damaged.

If you are interested in exploring the creation of effective landing pages, there are several opportunities to build them with WordPress plugins like Thrive Themes and Instabuilder. Other platforms include GetResponse and Instapage.

For more information about landing pages, visit Landing Pages Optimization and Better Opt-in Forms And Landing Pages.

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