Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

In this digital marketing tutorial for beginners you will get an idea of what’s involved and how many businesses are profitable by successfully selling digital products like ebooks, video courses, software, infographics, reports and other downloadable merchandise using these major platforms.

The sale of digital goods is a rapidly growing industry and has many advantages of over other business models. In particular, you don’t need to concern yourself with ongoing manufacturing costs, inventory short-falls or production delays. Once developed, your product can be sold repeatedly for continued profitability.

Additionally, the investment in these businesses can be minimal. A computer, domain name, hosting account and some advertising costs are all many need to get off the ground. And, if you decide to go the affiliate route, there is no need to invest in product creation, undoubtedly the most expensive element in starting a digital marketing business.

In this digital marketing tutorial for beginners we will not assume that you do not have the skills or resources to create your own digital product or have someone do it for you. Still, becoming an affiliate is usually the best way to begin. You will gain the experience needed to become a successful marketer and you can eventually move on to original product creation when you have confidence in the process. With that in mind, we will explore the premier platforms for finding digital goods – JVZoo and Clickbank.

There is a lot of training on JVZoo that you can access in their Knowledge Base. This is very helpful for new product creators as well as their affiliates. Of equal benefit and an essential part of the platform is the ‘Find Digital Products to Promote’ section. There are 100s of products here to choose from. You simply click on the Request button and the product developer will consider your inquiry.

Jvzoo, in particular, has many easy-to-use functions that can make the sale of digital goods a lot simpler for the beginner. In particular, you don’t have to worry about creating a landing page or developing a website. The platform offers one-click page builders with product delivery built in, providing your customers with a safe and secure purchasing process.

You won’t be able to use JVZoo without a Paypal account but, once you have begun to develop a track record with sales, your profits will be sent immediately to your account.

A brief overview of Clickbank is essential to any digital marketing tutorial for beginners. It’s popularity for affiliates as well as product creators is that all bookkeeping is managed by the platform. This means that your commission is guaranteed by Clickbank if you are an affiliate and vendors are spared the task of payment processing and refund management (Clickbank insists that all products have a 60 refund guarantee). Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

If you are a product creator or vendor, there is a listing fee for any products listed on the platform. There are also additional transaction fees to consider as well. Still, the quality of the products is generally high and commission payments to affiliates can be as much as 75%.

Clickbank has been around for close to 20 years and is much better known than JVZoo. and likely to engender more confidence for potential customers. Nevertheless, they are premier platforms for the sale and promotion of digital goods and both are worthy of consideration.

Each site has pluses and minuses, so check out both platforms and make your attraction and comfort level with particular products the primary reason to promote them.

Another excellent site for discovering and promoting digital goods is the Warrior Forum. If you hang around here long enough it can be one an outstanding digital marketing tutorial for beginners. 

The platform is less well-known and is often regarded as a hangout for internet marketers. It’s crown jewel is a discussion forum that attracts seasoned professionals as well as ‘newbies’ looking for advice. Information sharing is the primary focus, but there is also a marketplace and opportunity for vendors to promote their wares. It is the Warrior Forum Special Offers Section.

Here you will find numerous opportunities to sell or buy a variety of tools that can be helpful to internet marketers as well as the general public. Additionally, many members offer free products to visitors for the purpose of building a mailing list. While participating in the forum is free of charge, there is a fee to post offers in the WSO section.

Good advertising skills are needed to garner attention here, and your offer can slide off of page one fairly quickly. Still, you can renew your listing and, if you are looking for profitable sales, the expense can be worth it.

One additional benefit to the Warrior Forum marketplace is the opportunity to attract affiliates in the marketing of your products. You can do this by becoming a paying member of the forum (known as Warrior Plus) and by working with our old friend JVZoo. They have the ability to connect with the Special Offers section and can set up a special sales page for you that is directed at affiliate recruitment.

The Warrior Forum can be a bit daunting in the beginning, but it is a lot less complicated than wading through a gazillion Facebook groups to find one with such a good reputation and high brand recognition. Whether you decide to sell a product on the Warrior Forum or sign up as an affiliate, participation in the discussion forum alone makes this site worthy of your attention.

While these platforms are the premier sites for selling online products, either as a vendor or as an affiliate marketer, I would be remiss in not mentioning the most valuable digital marketing tutorial for beginners product I have come across. It’s known as the Big Commission Blueprint and it can take your marketing skills to the next level. It covers all the essential arenas that need to be mastered in order to build a successful online business. From setting reasonable goals to getting traffic, the course is setup for you in easy-to-follow video modules that will give you the knowledge you’ll need to succeed in an extremely competitive marketplace. It is the best digital marketing tutorial for beginners that I have come across.

Better yet, while you have the opportunity to become a sales affiliate for BCB, you can apply the insights you’ll learn with the tutorial and apply it to most other online ventures, whether as an affiliate or as a product creator.

BCB is a goldmine of information and is easy on the wallet. Time is money and you could be wasting months sifting through YouTube videos or working with unsatisfactory products that make egregious claims about immediate success.

This blog is a result of my experience with the Big Commission Blueprint and I highly recommend you give it a try.

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