Digital Marketing Products Should Be Premium Purchases

Digital Marketing Products Guide: Nothing is For Free

I’m often asked, “why do I need to buy digital marketing products from you? There are free ebooks, courses, video tutorials all over the internet.

There’s no doubt you can scour the internet for all sorts of freebies. And you can certainly find them. But my response usually is, “Do you really know what you’re looking for and are these digital marketing products on the right side of legal? Does something seem too good to be true? Do these promoters really know what they’re talking about?” Digital Marketing Products Should Be Premium Purchases

Just as important in the search and evaluation of freebies is the time spent in doing so. Most would need a good chunk of time on their hands in order to do this thoroughly, find the right products and understand what is useful and what is not. Many might prefer to spend this time with their family and friends or actually taking the time to a learn a subject with professional guidance and putting this knowledge into practice with a good potential for profitable results.

This is certainly not to say that all of these freebies are waste of your time. As you might be aware, many of these freebies are lead magnets (sometimes known as tripwires) that most often encourage you to becoming a paying customer eventually. This is predicated on the supposition that you are serious about learning the subject in depth. 

That’s just good business. And it is a tried and true method that has become the cornerstone of selling digital marketing products.

It would be overly simplistic to suggest ‘you get what you pay for’ in this area but, nevertheless, cliches become cliches because they are often true. Digital marketing products are a useful addition to any aspiring marketer’s business library, and it is a growing sector of the economy because many are willing to invest in quality and convenience.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find them.

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