Different Pricing Strategies

Different Pricing Strategies: High Ticket Vs. Low

There’s a lot of competition in internet marketing, not only in the number of products available, but in different pricing strategies and the battle to gain your attention. One theme that runs through this competition is the various points of view regarding the promotion of high ticket items vs. more traditional low-end affiliate offers. It’s a favorite topic on the Warrior Forum, my favorite site for the exchange of views and information regarding affiliate marketing.

Not too long ago the Warrior Forum was the affiliate marketer’s go-to resource for marketers. Today it’s the flourishing of various Facebook groups that garner most of the attention. While I do visit some of the groups on a regular basis, I would encourage anyone not familiar with the Warrior Forum to drop by and see if it can be helpful to your marketing endeavors. I have every confidence that it will.

The high vs. low ticket discussion and their different pricing strategies draws a lot of attention and has numerous points of view.

It’s true, for instance, that there are more buyers for less expensive courses. Still, you will need a good list and 100 buyers at $20 to equal one $2,000 high ticket sign-up. If nothing else, that’s a fact that deserves serious consideration. Different Pricing Strategies

It’s also true that you can learn a lot without going high ticket and there are a lot of valuable lower costs courses that are extremely useful. I think a lot of folks with ample resources view higher priced coaching as simply more valuable. Many are new to marketing and many are not inclined to spend their time sorting through various YouTube channels to learn the tricks of the trade.

One difference is the high ticket groups usually have a lot more support and helpful insights on an ongoing basis. And there are even higher levels of coaching involved which has appeal for many.

It may be somewhat tendentious to say you get what you pay for, but information and knowledge should not be the only criterion for choosing a course that’s right for you. Trusting and liking the coach can also be a determining factor.

In sum, your best bet is to combine the different pricing strategies by getting involved with promoting a source that has various courses, some with a lower cost and others where the commissions are much higher for the marketer.

It’s pleasing to make that initial sale, but when someone eventually decides to advance to the top of your funnel you can attain affiliate marketing heaven.

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